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Entry 25 ~ December 1, 2011
~ It's December!

As I suspected Thanksgiving was great. We went to Jeremy's parents' house and had a really good time. For the actual Thanksgiving we went to my sister's and had a great time there as well. Most times when kids get together if there is a baby they leave that and go play by themselves. Not my nieces and nephews. The whole Thanksgiving day none of the adults got to see lil J because the kids took him downstairs to play with them. It is so amazing that even though they are a quite a bit older than him they include him in everything they do. They said he's one of them. It was adorable. He ate very good. Man that child really knows how to eat and he's not picky; he will eat pretty much anything.

Saturday after Thanksgiving we went away to The Mountaineer Casino while my sister watched the baby. Wow did we have a great time. We ate and then we sat at a slot machine. I put in a dollar and immediatly won 35 dollars. This was on a penny slot machine. So we walked around played a couple then went up to the room and relaxed. Then later went back down and watched the live band and played a couple more games. In the morning after finally sleeping in we got up, showered and had breakfast. We checked out and then went back to the casino for a lil bit. Aonther penny slot machine I put in a 5 and won $56. I immediately cashed out and we left. We had a good time and it was very relaxing.

Yesterday we bought a new car. Well its new to us. It's an 06 malibu and its top of the line. Has heated leather seats, all power windows, locks, seats, you name it. Very nice brand new radio and cd player. Our payments are pretty low plus we got a 2 year warranty for it so we don't have to worry about it breaking down. I like it.

Lil J has really started talking so much. When we were at his grandparents' house lil J kept telling his grandma to get out now. He says quit it. Goodbye hi hon. And now he does the cutest thing. If you ask for a kiss he won't give you one but if I kiss my husband he comes running over to give me a kiss. He has to be the last person to kiss me. He's adorable. Still loves daycare although it's getting to the point now where when my husband picks him up he doesn't want to leave. He screams bloddy murder. I think he really likes it there.

Other than that, not much to report on. Lil J is healthy again. I'm okay as long as I take the medicine but if I don't man do I get sick. I'll just keep up with it.

That's it for now. Have a great month and if I don't write before Christmas I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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