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Entry 26 ~ January 18, 2012
~ Happy New Year!!

Well it's another year and again we did nothing for New Year's Eve but sit at home. We all stayed up, watched the ball drop, and then went to bed. Even the baby stayed up though that doesn't surprise me as he loves staying up.

The week after Christmas we were supposed to go back to my in-laws but I didn't feel like it. We were supposed to go the next weekend but lil J and I got sick. I was off two days with strep throat. So then we said we would go in last weekend but again we had to cancel because my husband got my strep throat. Finally we are all starting to feel better so maybe we can go in this weekend. Last weekend was my sister-in-law's birthday but we didn't want to get everybody sick.

On the 20th, the alliance for infants and toddlers are coming to evaluate little J again. When he turns 3 in July he will not be eligible for that program but we will be eligible for the same type of thing except it is run by the school district. He would go to preschool for part of the day but would still receive therapy, if he's still behind in two areas. If he's not, he can still go but then we would have to pay for it. It's to get him ready for school. He has really started saying so much more. He follows directions really well, even multiple step directions. He still doesn't say as much as a regular kid but then again I didn't talk until I was seven and there's nothing wrong with me. I just had four older siblings to talk for me and that's what the therapist thinks is happening now. He's the only baby so we all know what he wants without him asking for it.

He is such a ham. He loves to have his picture taken. My sister came in for Christmas and took a picture of all the grandkids in a pyramid. My nephew and two oldest nieces were on bottom, then my other niece and other nephew in the middle with my other nephew on top and lil J around the middle one's neck sitting. It is so cute. She got some great pictures and is blowing up a big one for me to put up of little J. Can't wait to get it.

We are going on vacation with my mom and dad in February. I can't wait. It's already paid for and all the shows are bought. My parents are paying for us to go with them and then I also talked to Make a Wish and lil J is probably going to get a wish. I'm so excited for that. If you have never been on their website I urge you to check it out; it is amazing what they do for children with life threatening medical conditions. One little boy wanted a shopping spree but wanted everything to go to all the homeless kids in his area. That child has a huge heart for others. We could all take a few lessons from him.

Well that's it for now. Take care and be safe until next time.


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