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Entry 27 ~ February 17, 2012
~ Vacation

We did get to go to my in-laws, and it was nice, quiet and relaxing. Then we went on vacation with my parents. It was a wonderful trip. Lil J loved every minute of it. He loved the animals and the shows. He ate a ton while we were there. We went to Olive Garden. He ate half a bowl of soup, 2 breadsticks, a whole bowl of rigatoni, a dessert and then a couple of mints. He didn't drop one piece, and he ate everything. The waitress said she had never seen a kid eat that well. She said he should be in a commercial. It was adorable. He walked everywhere we went too.

Today we met a new therapist. I got rid of the physical therapist because she kept pushing the walker on Lil J. The new one works with kids who have cerebral palsy. She said he doesn't need a walker. He walked like 4 or 5 steps on his own so she said it will probably be only a month or two before he starts walking full time on his own. I'm so glad.

We saw the pediatrician and he gained 3 pounds in a month. He is almost on the growth chart. He's so close to it. We also got a letter yesterday in the mail and Jeremy was approved for a wish through Make a Wish Foundation but I put it off for a couple months so that he can be walking when he gets his wish. I'm so proud of him. He is doing so great. He is in that stage where everything is why? Go to bed, why? Sit down. Why? I love you. Why? He's so funny. But at least he's talking more. That's always a plus.

Nothing new is really going on here other than what I already said. Just a routine day to day stuff that everybody does. I guess that's good though. We got our taxes back and finally got all our bills caught up so we are good to go. Plus we still have about a thousand left over so that's good. While we went on vacation, my mom bought lil J a very large piggy bank, and she is only going to put dollars in it so that when he's older, he can have it for college. She has already put 20 dollars in it and only has had it a week. This rate he'll have lots for school. Maybe not enough, but at least a great start.

Well take care and I will talk to you all next month. Thanks for reading.


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