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Entry 29 ~ April 12, 2012
~ Happy Easter!!!

We took lil J to Wal-Mart and we were in the toy area. Jeremy asked if I thought one of those little push toys would help him walk. So we took him out of the cart and he started walking but carrying the toy rather then pushing it so I took it and off he went. Just like that he walked the entire length of Wal-Mart. So the next day we took him to the mall and he walked the entire length of the mall by himself. Just the day before all this the therapist said he was walking 10-15 steps by himself. Well he did way more than that!

So then Good Friday we went and picked up my nieces and they stayed the night with us. Lil J fell down and hurt his face but he's alright now. We colored eggs and then took him to the park. Then the next day we took him to the park again and he fell down and broke open his scabs on his nose. !

For Easter we went to my sister's and it was great. Lil J didn't want to walk but I think he was just so tired. He eventually took a nap but not a long one. When we got home while walking up the steps he fell back down them and he cried but he ended up being okay and we had him checked out but he's good. Just bruised a little more than what his fall earlier caused but he is okay. He is really starting to talk a lot. He says "I love you" and thank you and please and diaper and all sorts of stuff. I am amazed at how he has just taken off. He is no longer my baby he is a little boy now. !

The wish team came to the house a couple of weeks ago. They brought t-shirts for everyone and a teddy bear for Lil J; he loves it. Plus a book bag, a water bottle, cards and a pen and marker thing. All really nice stuff. We told them we want to go to Disney. They now have to ask the doctor if Disney is an okay trip for him and if August is an okay time to go. It has been almost 3 weeks and they still haven't heard from the doctor if it is okay. I need to schedule vacation so they need to get back to Make a Wish. We can't wait to go. !

I guess that's it. If any of you know someone or gotten a wish yourself, please email me and let me know what it was like and if it took this long for your doctor to get back to them. Thanks and have a great month.


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