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Entry 30 ~ July 11, 2012
~ Preparing for Disney!

It's been a long time since I wrote but really not too much was going on. Lil J is walking really well now and talking up a storm. Last night it was hot so we had him in the bedroom with us and he was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to himself. It was so precious. He would stop and say, "Mommy?" and I would sing it. Then he would sing it again, back and forth it went.

He got in trouble at daycare for biting but he hasn't bitten in a long time so I think we finally got that under control but he is really being difficult lately. If you tell him to do something he says no. I put him in time out and he says, "No don't want to." He's getting a little mouthy for only being almost 3. He will be 3 on the 16th. We are having his party on the 22nd at my brother's house. He has an in-ground pool and it will keep him occupied. He loves being in the water. My parents and I went together and bought him his gift. We got him a dresser for his room. It looks like a toolbox. Then we are getting him a toy box that looks like a pile of tires. His room will be cute. He likes cars so I think he will like it.

There is only 23 days left until we go to Disney. We got a letter in the mail and it says, "Jeremy you are going to Disney!" and it has a picture of Mickey Mouse on it and he pointed to it and said Mickey Mouse. We are leaving on the 4th of August and coming home the 10th. Our flight down we have a layover in Atlanta for 2 hours that I'm a little worried about but the way back is a straight flight. We will be staying at Give Kids the World which is a 72 acre resort for Make a Wish kids. It is for kids with life threatening illnesses. They have swimming and pony rides and fishing. All the characters will come to the resort. Every Tuesday is Halloween and every Thursday is Christmas. I think lil J is going to have a blast.

Work is just awful anymore; it's so busy. One guy retired and one guy moved to another team so originally our team had 6 but now has 3 and 1 is brand new and just learning so its only been us 2 the past 2 weeks. Then the one goes on vacation for 2 weeks and it will be just me and the new person. Hopefully he gets up to speed quickly or it's going to be an awfully long 2 weeks.

Other than that not too much has been going on. We no longer talk to Jeremy's cousin as she said some nasty things and now we don't talk to his dad either. His dad said some mean things and we got into it. He has been saying stuff for a while that was getting on my nerves and finally I just had enough. One time we were there and he said Jeremy shouldn't be in diapers anymore. We are trying to potty train him but come on! The child has been through soo much give him a break. Another thing that really ticked me off was lil J was spitting not on people but just playing like blowing raspberries. His dad said, "Quit that spitting or I will smack your mouth." Oh no he won't! He will not touch my son. I am his parent, not him. He is only a grandparent and will not hit my son. That is for us to discipline him if he needs it which I see no reason to; he was just having fun.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July.


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