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Entry 31 ~ October 5, 2012
~ Big News!!

It's been awhile. Lil J is now walking all the time. He just got a new prosthetic. Plus he is talking all the time but he says bad things. He is swearing constantly. We try to get him to say other things and he won't do it. Other than that he's doing fantastic.

We went on our wish trip in August and it was a very magical trip. On the way down lil J got to sit in the cock pit for a little while. He liked that. Then Give Kids the World where we stayed was amazing. We went to the parks and did everything. He loved seeing all the characters. He wasn't afraid of any of them. He walked up to them all and hugged and kissed them and told them all he loved them. They really liked him also. He is such a sweet boy.

My husband had surgery almost a month ago. He had his gall bladder removed. Lil J looks at it says boo boo and kisses it. Other than that he just leaves it alone.

The big news though is that we are expecting our second child. I am so excited. We have wanted another one for so long. I have told my family and they are all happy for us. Jeremy has yet to tell his. His sister has been trying not as long as we had been but is on fertility treatments and such. Jeremy's cousin got pregnant and his sister got upset so now he is afraid to tell her because he doesn't want her to get upset. While I understand that and can respect that, she also has to understand that we were trying again long before she started trying. Then we gave up and it happened. So we should be telling them next weekend. I am so scared though at the same time because I am so worried that another baby will have problems like lil J and I don't think I can handle another like that.

This weekend we are going to the annual mended little hearts basket bash. It should be a lot of fun as usual. Only this year it will just be Jeremy and I. His mom won't be coming this year. But it will be fun as usual.

Work has been extremely busy but I look at it this way. Instead of taking two weeks vacation next year I will be off for three months. I can handle that though I won't want to come back.

Oh well . . . Guess I should get back to work. Take care!

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