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Entry 32 ~ November 15, 2012
~ ICU!

Hello again!

First off let's start with lil J. Over the weekend we were at my husband's family's house for an early Thanksgiving since my mother-in-lae will be working and we will go to my brother's house on Thanksgiving. Jeremy was doing well and walking and talking. Then Sunday he was standing at the coffee table and slipped and hit his head on the coffee table. It immediately swelled and turned black and blue so we put ice on it and rushed him to the ER. The doctor looked at him and said well he won't lay still for a CT Scan and since he is doing well we will just send him home and you can watch him. I wasn't happy and told him he has all those other problems with the shunt and he had a stroke and that I wanted the CT scan done, so they did it. They came back and said there was a collection of fluid but they didn't have anything to compare it to so they would just send him home and for us to watch him.

We left but I was still worried so I called his pediatrician's office. Well, of course, they were closed but Children's Hospital takes their calls after hours. They didn't see a reason to bring him in since he was acting normally but called his doctor just to see what he wanted to do. He wanted him seen so we drove to Children's here in Pittsburgh which is 2 1/2 half hours away. They eventually take him back to a regular exam room and pull up the CT scan that we brought from the other ER. They immediately transferred us to the trauma room and in came all these doctors and nurses and surgeons and neurosurgeons and it really scared me. They said he had a blood clot in his head plus a small current bleed. They told us they would either do surgery that night or in the morning and they put him into the ICU. Now this whole time lil J is smiling and playing and just being his normal self. So then after the long night in ICU, I stayed with him and slept in bed with him. They woke him every two hours for blood and then at 4 am took him for another CT scan.

Later that morning the neurosurgeon resident came and talked to me and said he wasn't out of the woods yet but they weren't planning surgery at that point. I was confused. So later we found out that they decided that he was doing well so they didn't need to do the surgery. They transferred him to a regular room on the neuro floor but boy was I confused as to what they were doing. So finally his regular neurosurgeon came and talked to us. Apparently 50 percent of the time these clots go away on their own. What happens is that the pressure in the head pushes the clot out and it gets reabsorbed. Now because Jeremy has a shunt, the pressure will not increase so they turned his shunt up which means it will drain less so that it can increase pressure and hopefully push this clot out. So they released him.

We have to go back in two weeks for another CT scan and to see the doctor. If it is going away they won't do anything but if it isn't then they will do surgery to remove it. This was a clot from a fall he had previously though I don't know when. He never changed the way he acted because of when he had a stroke and they took a piece of bone off the back of his head plus the shunt he had room for the clot so he never experienced any symptoms. This really scared me but I really trust his surgeon as he is one of the best in the country so we will stick with him.

Other than that all is going well. I had my first trimester scan and everything looked good. I am now 13 weeks and in my second trimester so no more sickness for me. Yay. I kind of think I am having another boy but my husband swears it's a girl. He could be right as with lil J I had no morning sickness but did this time. We will see though. Next ultrasound is in 6 weeks right before Christmas. I can't wait to find out.

Well that is it for now and sorry it was so long. Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions or words of wisdom for lil J's head injury please email me. Thanks.


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