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Entry 34 ~ January 3, 2013
~ It's a . . .

I got better and then I got another cold. This one just doesn't seem to want to go away. I guess it will eventually though. Lil J has it again also but his seems to be doing a lot better.

Christmas was really good. On the 20th we went for our ultrasound. When she was doing the scan I was asking questions like how does the head look since lil J had hydrocephalus. She said you couldn't tell me anything until she had all the measurements. Then after the scan she went and got the doctor before she would tell me anything. This really panicked me but all is good. No sign of any of the problems J had. You could see every part of the brain and all its limbs. They couldn't get a clear pic of the baby's heart but as I was going for a fetal echo next so they didn't worry about that.

They did tell us we are having another boy. I was hoping for a girl but this is okay. At least we have clothes and stuff for a boy. Though to be honest I don't really fully trust her. She was having such a hard time getting pictures because the baby is breech. He wouldn't move at all out of that spot. I got up and walked and jumped but still he layed in that position. She said from what she could tell it was a boy but she didn't sound too sure of herself.

Then we went for the fetal echo. The cardiologist came in and it was the same one lil J sees. He said he thought he recognized the name. This baby's heart looked completely normal so that is a huge sigh of relief and the best Christmas present you could ask for. I was so stressed out.

On the 23rd we went to my parents for Christmas and lil J got so much stuff. He liked all his gifts but after the first couple he wasn't interested in opening any more. He went and got the broom out and started sweeping the floor. Yes, I have an odd child. But after everything was open, he was so excited to see what he got and wanted to play with everything right then.

We spent Christmas at home, just us 3. Jeremy cooked a small ham and we had a good day. Lil J was excited to see more presents and these he opened. He was thrilled. Then this past weekend we went to Jeremy's parents for Christmas, and J got even more gifts. Is this boy spoiled or what? He had a good time and that little boy of Jeremy's cousin was not there so all was good. I was pretty annoyed though. Jeremy's cousin who is also pregnant did nothing but talk about her pregnancy the entire time she was there. Jeremy's sister was there and she has been trying but is now on fertility meds to help. I didn't say a word about being pregnant because I didn't want to make his sister upset so I thought it was pretty rude of her to do nothing but talk about it. She only thinks of herself.

Yesterday I took lil J to have his CT scan and to see the neurosurgeon. They said his hematoma is almost completely gone and they are going to keep him on the same setting because his ventricles are not too large either. This way if he would bump his head again he would be less likely to get a brain bleed so this was also a sigh of relief. Now I don't have to worry over every little bump he has. So to start a new year with having two healthy kids I am feeling pretty blessed right now.

Take care,

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