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Entry 35 ~ February 6, 2013
~ Stress

This past month went by really fast. Jeremy got sick lil J got sick again and I got sick again. My sister came in to my mom and dad's and we went in to visit her and Lil J got again more gifts. She brought her boyfriend in and his little boy who is 11 and Lil J just adored him. He was following him around and when we went to dinner he wanted to sit next to him and hold his hand. It was cute. My niece was also there and she was sick so I believe that is where we got sick from. Lil J and big Jeremy both ended up with pneumonia. I was sick also but it is still hanging on a little for me. They were both on antibiotics so got over there fairly quickly but I didn't even go to the doctor for mine so no meds for me.

I had another appointment with the ob. Everything looks good the heartbeat was nice and strong I have to go for my glucose test oh and I will be having this baby either May 15th or May 16th. I am having another c-section so we already know when he's coming.

Lil J felt the baby kick the other day and his eyes got so big and he giggled then he layed his head on my tummy and said brother want to come and play. So cute. He does this quite a bit now. He always wants to feel my tummy and he always lays his head down on it and says "I love you baby brother." This kid couldn't get any sweeter. Yesterday we were in the car and me and Jeremy were talking about it being cold. I guess he was trying to listen to us but didn't pick it all up cause he said "mommy's cold, here you can use my blankie." He is just so wonderful; I love him to pieces.

We went and looked at a place yesterday for rent. It is in a really nice part of town. The place is really old but looks okay on the outside. Needs a little work on the inside but not too bad. It is just a little more than what we are paying now with same utilities we would pay as we are now. He said if we clean it and paint he would take 200 dollars off the first month rent. It is a duplex and he just bought the place. No one lives on either side yet. The downstairs there is a large living room a large dining room and a tiny kitchen but has more cabinet space than what we have now. It has green carpet downstairs but he said he would have it cleaned before anyone moved in.

The upstairs has a bathroom, a smaller bedroom that is blue which we would use as the kids' room and a much larger bedroom that is pink with some chalkboard painting on it. Ridiculous but it has a nice big walk in closet. There is hard wood floor up stairs and he said after we have paid rent for 6 months so he can save up some money, he will put carpet throughout the whole place if we want. Lil J liked it so we are thinking about it. It is old and needs work but he said if we help him he will help us. So we will see if we will take it.

Not much else going on so I will talk to you all next month. This pregnancy is going so fast. One more appointment and then I start going every 2 weeks already. Wow how time flies.

Take care,

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