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Entry 36 ~ March 4, 2013
~ Moving

Things have been going pretty well I guess. A couple weeks ago I was getting pains down real low and I called my doctor's office. He wasn't in so they had me go to labor and delivery to get checked. I was at work at the time and didn't have my. My boss ended up taking me in a cab, then he came back to work while I was seen. Turns out I had a kidney infection and was dehydrated. They gave me lots of fluids and meds and I was on my way though not before they told me my baby was doing fantastic.

So then I saw my doctor. He said I had to go for my gluose test. They called and told me I passed just needed to take iron. He said I failed it and needed to go take the 3 hour. So I did this and boy did it make me sick. Plus not only that but it took them 10 sticks to get 4 vials of blood. Ridiculous. Anyway I passed this one so I'm doing good plus my doctor was really happy with my weight as I have only gained six pounds so far this entire pregnancy.

Thursday lil J got sent home from daycare for being sick which is ridiculous because he got it from there. A little girl was sick with the stomach flu and she let that lil girl stay there and she had a fever of 102. Then she turns around and sends J home saying he had diarrhea. Friday we got up and lil J had a fever so I stayed home with him and texted daycare saying I couldn't chance her sending him home again since if Jeremy doesn't work he doesn't get paid so he wasn't going. She knew I was upset so she called me. I said it's not right for her to allow one kid there when they are sick but send J home. She said she was worried because her mom who has cancer was coming that weekend. I understand that but it's still not right. Then she said she doesn't feel comfortable watching him when he is sick because of all his problems. If it was a head bump or fall yeah I could understand but the stomach flu? He doesn't need any extra care for that; it's the same as any other child. So she said I could bring him but then I didn't have a car because Jeremy had already left for work so we stayed home.

Saturday we took him to a sibling class. I don't think he got too much out of it. He was bored and didn't want to sit still or pay attention but hopefully he got something out of it.

Sunday we went over to the new place and painted as we are moving in next weekend. I am really sore today but at least the painting is done almost. We just need to do the trim and we can do that later.

Also last week I went to the med clinic here at work because I had a real big lump near my groin in the crease of my leg. She said it was huge and I needed to have it drained and put on antibiotics but as she wasn't a doctor told me to call my doctor. I went to the med fast clinic after calling my ob and they told me to go there as I couldn't walk or sit. They didn't have to drain it because by the time I got there it had already burst. They drained it and cleaned it, gave me antibiotics. I then got a call yesterday saying the antibiotics they gave me won't treat it so the switched me to something else. They cultured it and said it was a normal skin infection so hopefully it clears up soon. After they drained it I was able to walk again so that part is better but it is still sore so I guess I have to wait 10 more days for it to clear up after taking this new antibiotic.

Other than that things are going well. I see the doctor on Thursday again so hope all goes well. I will talk to you all next month.

Take care,

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