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Entry 37 ~ August 7, 2013
~ New Baby and Adjustments

FamilyIt has been a long while since I wrote. I had many problems with my pregnancy. On one of my later appointments the doctor told me to stop working May 1st. So I worked up until the last day of April. At that appointment I also asked the doctor if I would have another ultrasound and he said no unless there was a reason I wanted one. I told him I would feel better if I had one because at the last one they told me that they don't always see hydrocephalus that early in the pregnancy and since lil J had that I wanted to make sure.

So on May 2 I had another ultrasound and then saw the doctor that following Monday. He there was no sign of hydrocephalus and that he was doing good but was small. The doctor was worried about him being small so had me do a non-stress test there at his office. He said everything looked good but he wanted me to have another ultrasound on Wednesday the 8th. So I went for this and everything looked good but still measuring small. He had told me that if he didn't look good they would move up my c-section to that week. So I figured that since everything looked good I would have the c-section on the 17th as planned.

Lil JLater that day I was talking to my sister in Delaware as she was coming to stay after the baby was born to help me. While on the phone with her I got a call from the hospital saying that I had to be there the next day at 11 for my c-section. Huh? They moved it up because he looked good but they didn't want to take any chances because they didn't want him to get bad and then have to do it.

So I clicked back over to my sister and told her it was going to be the next day. She hopped in the car and started to come. I then told my other sister so she could take the next day off and be there with me also. My parents were on vcation on a cruise so I couldn't even let them know.

Baby LoganThe next day I had my little boy at 2:22pm. His name is Logan Michael and he was 5 pounds 4 ounces and 18 inches long. He was doing well and already had a tooth. See he was well advanced for his age! We spent four days in the hospital and then we came home on Mother's Day. It was awesome. When we left the hospital Logan was only 4 pounds 10 ounces. Lil J did not like him. He has hit him, pulled his arm or leg, pulls blankets off of him and out from under him . . . Just plain nasty.

Since then things have been going well. Logan weighs a little over 10 pounds now and J is starting to accept him. I am back to work. Lil J had seen cardiology and they cleared him for another year because he's doing great. He also saw neurosurgery and they also cleared him for a year unless he starts having problems. So he is doing fantastic with his health right now. He is talking all the time but we just can't seem to get him to stop swearing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. He walks and the only thing he doesn't do is he still isn't potty trained. I did get him to go in the potty once last week but that was it. He just had his fourth birthday party. It was great but was only my family. Jeremy's family didn't come. Oh well. At least my family was there. I can't believe my first is 4. My how time flies.

Well that's it for now. I will write more next month. I am so glad both my boys are healthy.


Take care,

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