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Entry 38 ~ September 16, 2013
~ Busy! Busy!!

We have been super busy. Almost every weekend we have something to do. A couple weeks ago we went to the fair with Jeremy's mom. Lil J didn't like the demolition derby which is the only reason we went to that fair as it is tiny. Anyway while they were in watching that I took lil J and put him on a ride. He hated it. I don't understand why he didn't like it because he usually loves them. So we walked around a little I won him a great big monkey. Then we went back into the demo for the last half hour or so. He still didn't like it.

The next weekend we went into my mom and dad's for the fair there. That one was much better. Lil J loved the rides as usual and even rode a pony. The next weekend we took the kids to Fontana fest. They had a good time and got lots of stuff and this last weekend we took them to a place called Fun Fore All. It's like a great big Chuck E. Cheese. They have this four story ball thing called ballacity. Lil J loved that! We played some games and he rode some rides and rode the go carts with his dad.

Lil J was evaluated again by early interventions. They had therapists there plus a school psychologist. He will be starting preschool soon and will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy and developmental therapy. He did not qualify for speech therapy. They also told us that since he has medical assistance and is not potty trained yet we can get free pull ups so I started that process. Then they told us he also qualifies for WIC so I started on that process.

We took Logan to the doctor because his daycare thought he might have pink eye. The doctor told us it was just a clogged tear duct and I told him about how every time Logan eats he gets a rash on his face then it goes away about two hours after he eats. He said it was nothing. I didn't like him. So then a week later he had his four month checkup. He got his immunizations. She gave us eye drops because now he had the gunk in both eyes so it is not a clogged tear duct and she gave us soy formula to try and it worked. No more rashes when he eats. He is almost 13 pounds and is 24 1/2 inches long. He is doing good and started eating baby food which he loves.

Lil J has been so much better with his brother. He now kisses him and will give him his bottle and hug him. Lil J also has a neuropsychology appointment on October 2nd to see about getting tested to see if the reason he is behind is from missing the corpus callosum in his brain. I think that is his main problem, not just being bad. So we will see how he does with that. That is a 3-4 hour appointment. Then on October 12th is this year's basket bash for Mended Little Hearts. I can't wait to go this year as my sister and her friend are coming. It will be fun.

Well I will write more next month and post some more pictures as my computer at home is not working right now I can't get on email or facebook or do anything. Oh well!!

Have a great month everyone!

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