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Entry 39 ~ October 6, 2013
~ Appointment

Lil J had his appointment with the neuropsychiatric yesterday. We got there at 9 and we didn't leave till 1 so it was a very long appointment. First she just talked to us to see what we wanted to happen and what our greatest concerns were. After that she did some tests with him and then she left to score it and came back. She said that she thinks he should also get speech therapy not because he doesn't speak well but because he mixes up his pronouns and stuff like that. Call a he a she and vice versa and instead of "will you carry me" he said "I want to carry you." She also wants us to see about getting additional therapy besides through early intervention so that he has more help and is more intensive. She does think a lot of his behavior is from missing that part of the brain and said he may need medicine but right now she wants him to see a behavioral therapist to see what they can do.

She asked us how he sleeps at night and we told her once he gets to sleep he will sleep all night in his own bed but getting him there is the problem. He will only go to sleep between Jeremy and me and then we move him to his bed. At daycare he wouldn't nap and he said he wanted to be swaddled like Logan so she did and he went right to sleep so the doctor thinks the behavior therapist can work on that too as it could be that he just needs that closeness and they could use like a weighted blanket or something on him to see how he does with that.

She also recommended that we go talk to the principal of his school that he will attend for kindergarten and see what they feel we should do whether they have the services to help him or if they think we should hold off for a year in starting him. So we will see. Other than that he was doing well and she said we were doing all the right things to help him.

We took the boys to the children's museum and lil J loved it as usual. Logan slept through it but he is only 4 months old so you can't really blame him. It was free on Sunday for the radical days so there were tons of people there. They have an art area and we did that first so that his painting would have a chance to dry before we left. We put it on the drying rack and when we went back for his pictures somebody had crumpled them and threw them behind the racks. Now come on people. It may have not been spectacular art but we still treasure everything that he does and it was important to us. That's just plain rude and people need to leave their hands off someone else's painting. Other than that he had a blast and really enjoyed himself, though on the way there he got into my makeup which was in the backseat from when I put it on in the car. His eyes were black from mascara and he had powder all over him. Luckily we had an extra pair of clothes in the back and changed him and wiped his face off with wipes. Otherwise I would not have taken him in looking like that!

We don't have anything planned for this weekend but then next weekend is the basket bash and then the following Monday the 21st I am going shopping with my sister and mom. I found out that the VA owes me around $2800 dollars so far as they have yet to add my husband and son on as dependants. They are backlogged in Pittsburgh so it could be awhile but as I should be getting 100 dollars more a month than what I am getting every month. It will be a nice chunk when we get it that we can use to buy furniture we desperately need.

Well that's it for now. Hope everyone has a good month!

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