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Entry 40 ~ November 7, 2013
~ School and Halloween


Well it's been another month, and it's that time again. Lil J started preschool and he loves it. He does so well and everyday he comes home with new things. Last weekend I asked him what he wanted to do and he said go to school. He is such a cutie. He is really learning so many new things and loves all the other kids. This school is irritating me though. The day after he started they called early interventions and said they had some concerns. One they thought he should be wearing a helmet because he has a shunt. Two, they thought he was having trouble sitting in a chair and three they didn't like his pull-ups because they do not have elastic sides so they have to take his foot and pants off to change him. So early interventions called me. I told them he doesn't need a helmet, he is fine, and that if they want to buy him a special chair, to go for it but he has no problems anywhere else. They said they wanted to provide pull ups with an Velcro sides so they could change him without taking his pants off. Sure go ahead and buy them.

Then I got another call saying he fell and hit his head. He was fine but they want him to wear a helmet. I once again told them he doesn't need one. So then I get a call from the physical therapist and she thinks he would benefit from one just for the after school program as there are a lot of kids and he is the youngest and there are only two adults so I gave in to that. Then they called and want him to wear one during play outside so I said fine but that is it. Why do they keep pushing this stupid helmet on him? He doesn't need it. The surgeon told him that the likely hood of him hurting himself from falling was slim to none. Other than these issues he is doing great and is getting much better at liking his brother.


As for his brother his doctor told us to try soy formula because he kept breaking out in a rash every time he ate. So we did and he hated it. We tried similac alimentum and he loves it. He sleeps better, he eats better and is happier but the stuff is expensive. So the doctor wrote a script to see if the insurance would pay for it because he has a protein allergy. They would not pay for it unless it was for a feeding tube. So I got 5 cans off of eBay for 20 dollars a can that lasts 3 days. The doctor said she will give us some samples. I called similac and they are sending a free sample and still trying to find some more as the stuff is super expensive. Otherwise Logan is doing great. He weighs 14.8 pounds and is getting long. He can roll over both ways and just giggles all the time. He sure is a happy baby. He is so easy to put to sleep. We lay him down awake and he lays there and talks then falls asleep--no crying and no rocking him to sleep. It is awesome.


My husband and I have started marriage counseling. We will see how that goes. Hopefully things will get better. Thursday was Halloween and it rained here. J had a parade and party at school so he wore his costume; he was a gorilla. Logan went to the daycare downstairs as his regular place was unable to take kids. He had a parade there and was a lion. When we got home I took Lil J around the block. Not too many handing out and not too many rtick or treaters since it was raining. Most places he got full sized candy bars and some houses gave him two; one house gave him three. He is such a spoiled kid! But he is adorable.

We are going in to my mom and dad's this weekend as my sister is coming in from Delaware. Other than that we are going to go to the zoo on Sunday as it is free that day. We have been super busy and just trying to relax now. Work has been going okay and that really is all there is so til next month, have a good day and take care.


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