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Entry 41 ~ December 5, 2013
~ Happy Holidays

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the day at my sister's house and she makes the best Thanksgiving meal. It was great spending time with the family and seeing everyone. My sister watched the boys that night because both my husband and I had to work and his daycare was closed that day so she watched them. The boys were good and Friday she took them with her to get pictures taken. They got pictures taken of my boys and her girls and they are fantastic. Cannot wait to get them.

That Saturday we then went to Jeremy's parents' house for a Thanksgiving meal there. His aunts came even the one whose son died earlier this year. They did finally discover why he died and it was a heart condition that the other son has a 50% chance of getting and the father has it but refuses to take medicine for it. I was a little irritated though cause everyone paid attention to Jeremy's cousin's baby and pretty much ignored ours but really he gets all the attention he could ever want at my families so that's ok. Jeremy's cousin asked him what we are buying for her son. I wasn't planning on buying him anything as J is 4 and only ever got 1 gift from them and it was a stupid 5 dollar gift. So Jeremy asked her what she was buying for the boys and she said she didn't know. Probably nothing. My sister sent me a text saying J wanted a big truck so she bought him a great big dump truck.

He still loves school so that's good. This morning he didn't want to go but when we got there we were waiting for the doors to open and he was chatting with all the kids. I held open the door and he was the first one in, put his coat in his locker, got his apple, put it on the board, and then sat down to read a book. I came in, put his book bag in the locker and left; he was in heaven.

Logan had a fever the other day and was pulling on his ear so we took him to the doctor and I told her I thought he had an ear infection. She checked him over and then looked in his good ear - nothing. She tried to roll him over and he started screaming. She looked in the bad ear and said you have a smart mommy. I said no it's just my older son had so many I know all the signs. So now he is on antibiotics.

We had alliance come to the house cause they are going to evaluate Logan because he is not yet sitting on his own yet or wanting to pull himself up. She said he may need to build up his muscle tone so hopefully he will get services. He does have a tooth already. It came in a couple weeks ago. But otherwise he is doing well. He is still on the special formula and it agrees with him but the insurance would not cover formula unless the child had a feeding tube. So we are having a little trouble affording it but we are making do. He is 7 months almost so only 5 more months till we can switch to whole milk. We are already half way done so we can make it.

Every morning J wakes up and shows me a picture of us and Sully and tells me he wants to get on a plane and go see Sully now. I told him he needed to save his money so he goes around the house looking for money and puts it in his piggy bank. He doesn't realize it's going to take a long time.

Well that's it for now hope you have a nice month and I will write again after the New Year. Happy holidays to everyone.


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