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Entry 42 ~ January 2, 2014
~ Christmas

Well the holidays are over and our house is officially overrun with toys. They got entirely too much plus that on top of what we already had, it's nuts. The boys love it but me not so much. I want to sort through everything and get rid of stuff they don't use. We put the baby swing and the little seats in the basement since we have now bought Logan an exersaucer. The alliance came and checked Logan out but said he does not qualify for services right now. She recommended we buy him an exersaucer to get him moving his legs and stuff so we did and he loves the thing.

J had off a week from school and now went back today. He was so excited to be going. He just loves school so much and he has learned so much. He mostly knows all his colors. He knows his ABCs and he can count to 18 and even add and subtract a little. He learned a song for the days of the week and is learning the sounds letters make. I just can't believe how big he is getting and how well he is doing. We are going to start looking into a school for him for kindergarten next year. His normal school does not have an after school program so we are looking into other places.

Logan finished his antibiotic for his ear infection and then started spiking a fever again the next day so we took him to children's express and he still had the ear infection. She prescribed something stronger. Then the day after Christmas I took him back to the doctors as he still wasn't right and she said his ear was still filled with pus so she gave him another antibiotic. Now we have an appointment with an ENT to get tubes. She said when you have an ear infection that won't clear up you need tubes. The poor little guy had this same ear infection for almost 6 weeks. Other than that he is doing well.

I just love my boys to pieces!

I really don't have much to report on right now so I will cut this a little short today. Hope you all have a wonderful 2014.


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