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Entry 43 ~ February 24, 2014
~ The Boys Are Growing Up!!

It has been almost two months since I last wrote. I don't know where the time has gone. We took Logan to the ENT doctor and he got tubes put in his ears. He was doing much better but right now he has another doctor appointment tonight. Last night we were on our way home from my parents' house and he started crying. It sounded hoarse. He didn't have a cough, ate okay and everything - just that hoarse cry. He didn't sleep well last night because he kept having like raspy breathing so we have an appointment for him later today; he also has a fever of 102.3. However before this all started he has had a rash behind his ear for several weeks. It is red bumps and he scratches at them and breaks them open and then it drains puss like stuff. It's nasty. We keep cleaning it and putting cream on it but it won't go away so I will have to ask about that tonight also. Other than that Logan is doing great. He is sitting and trying to crawl and he can stand holding onto something and want s to walk. He babbles all the time and is growing up so fast. J was my baby for soooo long because he was delayed in most things and now Logan is just growing soo fast; he won't be a baby much longer. He is so smart.

J has been doing really well though now that Logan gets around and is starting to get into the toys, J is not so happy. He does not like sharing with his brother but then on other days he is too cute and wants to play. My brother bought them a little pop up Thomas tent and J likes to play in it and he pulls Logan into it so he can play also; it is so sweet.

Lil J's health has actually been pretty good though he was complaining of belly pain and we took him to the doctors and then we had to take him to the ER. He was so constipated he was all backed up and they couldn't get him to go. It took three enemas to finally get him to go so now he is on miralax everyday and we try to get him to go once a day. Yesterday for some reason he went four times but it's better than being blocked up. He still loves school. Today we took in a bunch of stuff for his classmate who's house burnt down. J has also started swimming lessons and certain days he loves it and others he wants no part of it. I don't know why but we are sticking with it and seeing how it goes. The school sent him home one day saying he had pink eye and had to have a doctor's note before he was allowed to go back. He had been crying so his eyes were red. He did not have pink eye so that was a wasted trip to the doctor. Then last week they made us take him again because he bit some kid at school and he wasn't allowed back til he had a doctors note saying he was healthy before he was allowed to go back. This school is really irritating me. We applied to get J into a magnet school for science and technology so I don't know when we will hear back from that. Hopefully he gets in. I cant believe he is going to be in kindergarten next year. Wow how time flies!

Well that's all I have for now. Take care.


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