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Entry 45 ~ April 23, 2014
~ The Big Run Around

Last month I wrote that we may have to move. Well, the landlord's lawyer fought it and the owners gave up so we do not have to move now. Thank goodness. I like where we live and we are settled there so we really didn't want to move. We had gone to Jeremy's parents' house for that weekend and his cousin came over with her baby that is just a month older than Logan. She brought him knowing he was sick. So needless to say we all got sick. First J got it, and he spent all night throwing up. Then I got it, then Logan got it and then my husband got it. Logan had it for almost three weeks though. So we told his cousin that she got our kids sick and she thought it was funny. Since Logan had it so long his immune system was down from trying to fight it, and he ended up with pneumonia so now I am really mad at his cousin. Everyone is finally starting to feel better now and we are going back to Jeremy's parents for Easter dinner (she had to work Easter so she has it a week later). Jeremy's cousin is not coming because she knows we are all mad at her. Thank goodness! I don't want them to get sick again.

I also told you that J got accepted into the magnet program and now I am not so sure it is the right place for him. If anyone bites or hits they get kicked out plus there are 45 kids in the kindergarten class. I am afraid he will get lost in the cracks and then be bad. I took him to several doctors for his behavior, and they keep sending him to someone else. They all agree that medicine can help him but nobody wants to prescribe it so we are getting the run around. We are now back to the beginning and I don't know where to go from here. I just want someone to give him what he needs so that when he does start school hopefully his behavior will be better. Over the weekend he bit his brother about 10 times. He has bite marks the whole way up his arm it is terrible.

We decided to have Logan's first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. My sister is going to make the cake again and a small one for him to smash. Then we are going to have J's 5th birthday party at my mom's again but we are going to rent a bouncy house for this party so J will love that. Then this summer we are going to my sister's for vacation. She has it all planned. We will be going to the children's museum one day, the beach, go see the submarine there and one day she got a babysitter for us and she is going to take us to the casino for our birthdays. It will be so nice having a night with just adults and no kids. We haven't had that in a long time. We just had our 4th anniversary. Time just goes by so fast.

Work is going good but wish I could be home more with the boys. Jeremy's sister is finally pregnant. I don't know if I put that in a previous post or not but she is due in June and is having a boy. I guess his family just wants boys because that's all there are.

If anyone has any ideas on where to turn now for meds for my son please message me and let me know. I am at my wits end.

Take care,

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