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Entry 46 ~ May 23, 2014
~ 1st Birthday

I can't believe how fast time goes by. The last time I wrote we had been at Jeremy's parents' house. We went again for a late Easter and it was very nice. His mom and grandmother helped me to make a bathtub with diapers for Jeremy's sister's baby shower. It was so cute. So the following weekend was the shower and I didn't receive one comment from her on it. Just thanks. I was pretty disappointed because I spent a lot of money and time and effort to make something unique and special and she didn't even comment that she liked it. I helped them set up and take down but didn't get a thank you for that either. However it was a nice shower and she got a lot of nice things.

This past weekend we had Logan's first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. I had ordered one of the bigger packages so that he would get extra tickets. Our hostess was also the manager on duty that day. She came over after a while and gave us an additional 1000 tickets because she said they got the show started late. I didn't even notice. We had a good time and so did the kids. When it came time for the cake, Logan was eating his so nice and easy. He barely got icing on him but he had it on his hands and Chuck E came behind him to get pictures and he reached up and put icing on Chuck E's face. It was too precious. So then he got to go in the ticket blaster but J and my nephew went in instead and he got another 1100 tickets so he had 3100 tickets. By the time the kids all played games they gave the kids their tickets we had 6000 tickets and we got them a drum set and a ball. For his birthday he got a sandbox and sand and sand toys plus a picnic table with an umbrella and we got him a bike. All in all he really made out and did fantastic. This weekend we are going to get everything in the yard and let them play. It will be a nice weekend for that since it is a holiday weekend.

J did have another appointment for Lil J's behavior and they said he should be qualified for a TSS and for wraparound services. I did tour the magnet school and am really unsure as to what to do. It is a huge school and very strict and I am afraid J will not be good there. I didn't like the principal on the phone but when I was there all the students wanted to give her hugs so she must be well liked by the students anyway. So I told her I had some worries and she said she wasn't worried at all. She thinks he would do good there but I am still unsure as for each classroom there are 37 students per teacher and I just think he would be better off in a smaller school. The end of year is fast approaching and on Friday they will be having an end of year celebration. The students will go on stage and get a certificate for completing preschool and then they will sing songs and then join the rest of the school outside for fun day which they have games and food and different activities for the kids so I took the day off to spend it with him.

Work has been extremely stressful lately. Monday I came into work a little late and all was fine then they called us all into the conference room and told us that one of our fellow coworkers had been let go. He said so far there shouldn't be anyone else on his team being let go but there would be more on our floor. A friend of mine was walking in with her coworker and her badge wouldn't work and she went to the security desk and they told her she had been let go. That is just wrong to let someone find out that way and there are supposed to be 19 more people from our department being laid off so I am really stressed. I really hope our manager is correct and that that's it from our team.

That's it for now. Hope you all have a great month. Oh and one last thing Jeremy's sister had her baby on Wednsday night. He was a month early and still weighed more than Logan who was 38 weeks. She had a little boy and his name is Kolton.

Take care,

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