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Entry 47 ~ July 17, 2014
~ Vacation

Since last time I wrote not a whole lot has happened. We have taken Logan off of any milk or formula all together as it was making him really cranky and gassy and I made him an appointment with gastroenterology on August 26 so we will see what they have to say. He also got 2 more teeth in so he now has a total of 4 teeth with another one on its way in. He is such a cutie.

Lil J had a doctor's appointment with neurosurgery and the doctor came in and started shining his light into Logan's eyes. I thought he was just playing with him but then he started feeling Logan's head for the shunt I said, "Uh that's the wrong kid. It's that one," and pointed to J. He said, "no way I don't remember him being so big." So he looked at him and said he's good. But they are sending us for a CT scan as I told them that J has been quite a bit more irritable lately. He said it is probably just his behavior but it's better to be on the safe side.

June 30th after work we hopped in the car and drove to my sister's Dawn's house in Delaware. We didn't get there til about 1 but it was nice because the kids slept most of the way there. The next day my sister gave J some early birthday presents and we went out to play in the yard. He got a little pool and a sprinkler and a bubble blower and some toys. The next day we went to the beach and the kids had a blast. Logan played in the sand and ate the sand. J was digging for a buried treasure so my sister went and bought him something and hid it in the sand so he could find it. He was excited to find something with his name on it. Then we took the kids to this play place and they loved it. Then my sister took me and my husband to the casino for our birthdays and her boyfriend's mother watched the boys. Nice to have a night out.

It was sad to come home but then the following weekend she came in to my parents' house and we had her son's graduation party and Lil J's birthday party. He is now a 5 year old. He is growing up way too fast and then Sunday we all went to Kennywood. I got really upset at my husband because he went off with the others and left me with my parents and 2 kids so I didn't get to ride anything and had to watch the kids all day while he went off. He said I could have called him at any time. Well my point was that he should have wanted to spend time with the kids in the first place and not expect me to watch them the entire day.

So I am back to work and we are going in to Jeremy's parents' house this weekend for a small party for J there. Then the following to Ohio for his family's reunion. My aunt is in bad shape and will be dying shortly. She has been to many doctors as she has heart failure and copd and they only gave her 5 years to live and that was about 10 years ago. Well now she is in the hospital and is totally unresponsive and now found out she is in the end stage of cancer. How do you not find out you have cancer till the end when you have so many doctors' appointments for other things? They are only giving her comfort measures as that is what she wants.

Work has been okay since I got back but am ready for more time off as I am just really tired and don't feel good.

Ttalk to you all next month!

Take care,

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