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Entry 48 ~ September 17, 2014
~ Back to School!!!

J has officially started school, and he loves it. He enjoys riding the bus as he calls it but really is a van as he gets door to door service since he is a special needs child. They help him get off the bus and they walk him to get breakfast and then take him to his classroom. Our school district provides free breakfast and lunch to every child no matter your income so that every child gets to eat. J is getting all his therapies but his teacher is concerned about him moving around the school. We had him transferred to this school because his regular school does not have an elevator and he does not do steps well. The problem they have now is that it's only the teacher and she can't fit the whole class in the elevator and she can't leave any of the kids alone so they are trying to get him an aid but the school doesnít want to pay for that so they want him to share one which I donít think will work. Every morning J gets up and says, "Is it time to go to school?" He just loves school and he has two kids from his preschool class in his class. He has a playdate with one kid this weekend which actually our whole family is going so it will be good for him.

He had an EEG the other day and a shunt series. The shunt series is good, but we have not gotten the results yet of the EEG. He is doing well but I had him at the doctors for the orthopedic surgeon. His surgeon is not there often so he saw the nurse practitioner. He is complaining that his stump hurts when he walks on it without his prosthetic on. She thought it was overgrowing. She sent the x-ray to his surgeon and he said it is not a problem and it is a problem with his prosthetic. I donít agree as it hurts when he is not wearing the prosthetic so I made him an appointment with another surgeon for a second opinion. I want to get to the bottom of this. The second opinion agreed that the bone is overgrowing so he is scheduled for surgery again on September 22nd. They are going to shorten the bone and remove the growth plate so it does not continue to grow. However he said he doesnít like the look of the other bone either so I put a call in to the doctor to see if they can fix that while they are in there rather than waiting for it to cause a problem because this is going to be a big effect for him. He will be in a cast for 4-6 weeks with a screw in his bone and then they cannot fit him for a new prosthetic til the cast comes off. That takes a few weeks to make so we are talking about 2 months that he will not have a foot to walk on so this will be hard on him. So rather than going through all this again, I would rather they just fix it all at once. Other than that J is doing really well and learning so much. He is just too smart.

Logan is doing awesome also. He has not started walking yet but he stands up on his own and of course cruises the furniture though the one day I caught him he stood up in the middle of the room and walked over to the chair so he can do it; he just doesnít do it often yet. He is babbling like crazy and you can make out a few words he is saying. He is very active and such a daredevil. He gets on the couch and the other day he threw the cusions off and they are just little pillows mind you and tried to jump off head first onto the pillows. He is crazy. I love both my boys so much and sometimes they get a long great and other times J is still so jealous and mean to him that I just donít know what to do. One day they are mean to one another and the next they are pushing each other around in the dump truck. Its so cute. I truly love both my boys and am so thankful for them every day. Someone said to me that I am a strong person for being able to get through all the things J has gone through but I believe that if you love your child you will do everything for them and I think God only gives you what you can handle and He must think I can handle an awful lot.

My husband Jeremy wrecked my car on Friday so we now have a rental car and are waiting to see what the insurance company is going to do. They are probably going to total it. Before they even looked at it they said the mileage and age is already borderline as to whether they will total it. There is about 5-6 thousand dollars worth of damage to it so I am guessing they are going to total it. We were only a year from paying it off so now we have to start all over with payments and that is not what I want. We donít have the best credit score and we sure donít have a lot of money as we live pay check to pay check as it is. But we will see today sometime.

Logan went to the doctor and he is allergic to milk, well not the milk itself but the protein in the milk so they ordered him a special pediasure that is broken down as far as it can go. That is agreeing with him and he likes it so the insurance is covering this and we just got a shipment of 120 bottles for a month. Wow is that a lot of bottles to stash in no cupboard space so I put them in a plastic bin and shoved them in the corner of the dining room. So now both kids should be good to go after Jís surgery. I need a break.

Well thatís it for now take care and please keep my son in your prayers for his surgery to go well.

Take care,

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