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Entry 49 ~ October 21, 2014
~ Can't Take Anymore!

Lil J had his surgery on the 22nd of September. We didn't have to be there till 1:45 in the afternoon and he wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnight. This actually went better than we thought. There were a few times he complained that he was hungry but for the most part he did really well. Both of my sisters were there and the one from Delaware stayed with us the week after to help with J since he couldn't go to school and I had to go to work. He went through the surgery great! When he woke up he was in a lot of pain and really whiny. He is not supposed to put any weight on it so we got him a wheelchair to use. The day after I took off work because he had a terrible night and thank goodness because it was hard for both my sister and I to watch both kids because J was so pitiful. Then the next day he was fantastic and started playing and getting on the floor. They delivered the wheelchair and he loves it.

While J has been in the cast Logan started walking and of course he had to start while my husband and I were working but my sister got it on video. Now he walks everywhere and he doesn't crawl anymore. You can't stop that boy now. He does what he wants. However right after the surgery Logan has been having problems with this milk product they gave us so we stopped it and now he feels better so that doesn't agree with him either and we're back to square one with him.

This past Friday J had his follow up appointment with the surgeon and they removed the cast. Man is he happy about that! Right after surgery J was complaining that the top of his leg hurt right below the knee. We told the doctor and they said it's probably just that the cast is a little tight and the swelling would go down. He stopped complaining about it and was actually walking on the cast though he wasn't supposed to. When they took the cast off they did an x-ray and right below the knee you could feel a lump. On the x-ray it shows that where the lump is the bone is sticking out on the top. I asked the surgeon if that was normal and he said nothing in his leg is normal and let it go. I am worried about it though. To me it looks like when they did the surgery when they screwed the two bones together it pushed the top of the bone out of place. I am going to have the therapist look at this and see what she thinks. I just can't take any more bad news.

They did not total our car they decided it could be fixed. As of right now we still do not have a car. They started working on it but found the frame was bent so they called the insurance company to ask for more money. They sent that but they can't fix it until the adjuster goes out and he said he doesn't have time right now. We are going on two months since it was wrecked and they haven't fixed a single thing. I am tired of these people and just want my car back.

I am going on a trip with my sister on Halloween so my husband has to take both kids trick or treating and will have them by himself for four days. I am kind of excited to have a little trip but also sad that I won't see them for a few days. J is going as a teenage mutant ninja turtle and Logan is going as a minion. They both look adorable in their costumes.

That's it for now! I will talk to you all later.

Take care,

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