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Entry 5 ~ March 1, 2010
~ Helmet Approved!!

Itís been a little while since I wrote. The babyís helmet is approved through the insurance. He got his head scanned today and they are going to make it and then give it to him next week. They said that his head is really misshapen, and it is abnormal to have such a misshapen head. His facial features are still okay so thatís a good thing. I am happy with that. He is getting a blue camo helmet. His dad and I were both in the military so camo is appropriate but I liked the blue camo better. He has to wear it for 23 out of 24 hours a day and I donít know how he is going to like that but he will get used to it.

The baby and I got baptized on the 21st. It was nice. His dad got called in to work so he missed it and it upset both of us. He is a manager and his assistant called off. He will never get that back. His assistant said Iím sorry but that doesnít cut it. It was a very important day and he knew about it so he had no right to do that to him. The baptism was nice though and then my family and I went out to lunch at TGI Fridays. It was really good. The waiter was splitting up the checks and I said I was by myself and he said he would sit down and be my date. It was pretty funny. Well this past weekend we went there again and he was working again and he asked if I told Jeremy what he said and I said yes and we all laughed.

We went yesterday to get our pictures taken. I will include some on the next entry. He looked adorable. Then he got cranky so we fed him and then he fell asleep so the rest of the pictures were of him sleeping but they are so cute. I spent quite a bit because I liked everything they took and couldnít make up my mind about what I wanted. Oh well.

We sold my car and got another one. Just to last us a year and then next year we are going to buy an SUV. We just couldnít afford one this year. They are laying off a lot of people where I work and donít know if I will get laid off so we are putting it on hold for a while.

We are also planning on getting married soon. We havenít decided when but it will be in the next few months. This will be both of our third marriages so it is going to be very small with just family. But I want to do it and spend the rest of my life happy. I was asked a question one day about if I would either take 100,000 dollars or take back one regret. I said I would rather have the money because I believe that everything that has happened has led me to where I am today and I am happy with where I am and everything so I wouldnít change a thing. God has a plan for me and I am happy with that.

Little Jís therapy is going well. He is able to sit unassisted for about 30 seconds before falling over so he is getting better. When you lift him up onto his arms he rolls himself over but he is doing great. I gave him chicken and gravy baby food. He hated it. He just held it in his mouth and then spit it out. So I gave him cinnamon and raisin granola. That he loved. He ate the entire bottle. Then had his bottle of formula. 8 ozs. He eats like crazy. He has another appointment tomorrow with the pediatrician for his next synergist shot. He is on antibiotics for a double ear infection but he is feeling a lot better now.

Well that is it for this time. Have a good couple weeks everyone and thank you for reading.

Take care,

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