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Entry 6 ~ April 8, 2010
~ Sick Sick Sick

Baby JIt has been a crazy month. First the baby got sick from the antibiotic and wasn't able to eat but then even after that he still wouldn't eat or if he did he screamed for hours afterward. So I made the decision to try him on soy formula. Boy did that do the trick. He ate the entire bottle and now sleeps through the night. I guess the milk was upsetting his tummy. The ear infection is gone and he got his last shot and did well.

As for the helmet he got it and wore it but he got a blister on his head so now he can't wear it for two weeks. Poor little guy. It doesn't bother him though. He could care less if he wears it or not. This is a good thing.

His daycare is really starting to make me mad. Every time I drop him off the mother which is the director is not very nice to me. We had it out the other week. When he was sick from the antibiotic I told her he wasn't eating well. She said if he's sick he can't come. I told he wasn't contagious, it is the antibiotic doing this so she let him stay. So then Thursday when I dropped him off, she says Carter, who is another little boy there, isn't feeling well so he's sleeping. What?? I had Friday off because of Easter, so I took him to the park and he did fine. When we were on our way to the store, he threw up. So I pulled over and cleaned him up and changed him in the backseat of the car and then turned around to go home and he threw up again. This lasted all day. I was getting worried so I called my sister and asked if she would go to the ER with me and she told me to call the doctor first. I tried but they never called back. While I was waiting 20 minutes, he threw up 6 more times and it was pure yellow so I hopped in the car and took him to the ER. My sister met me there. It was bad. We were there from 5 until 12. They did a CTscan and x-rays to make sure that it wasn't his vp shunt malfunctioning but that came back clear. She said she was going to admit him. I told her that he seemed better so we tried to feed him. He drank it and then went to sleep. No throwing up so she let us take him home.

Saturday we went to Wal-Mart and were walking around and I had to run to the bathroom. When I came back I told Jeremy we had to go because I threw up and had diarrhea. He didn't believe me but we left. On the way home which is only 5 miles I had to take everything out of the bag and throw up in that. He said, "Okay I believe you." I was like that all night long. I was sick until about 5 in the morning. Then I felt better so we went to my sister's for Easter. When we walked in, I said I wasn't eating because I didn't feel well; my sister said she was sick also--from being in the ER with the baby. While they were eating I went to the bathroom and spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom. I was still sick Monday and Tuesday so I didn't go to work. Wednesday I still didn't feel good but wasn't throwing up or diarrhea anymore. I went to pick the baby up at day care and the one mother said, "Oh so your son got the stomach bug also?" I said, "Yeah from your son." I am so mad that she can take her son when he is sick and pass it on to my child and I can't take my son when he is sick. If my son gets sick, he gets it worse because of all his health problems. It isn't right.

Well anyway I am back to feeling good again thank goodness. The other thing that happened this week was that I asked my sister who lives five hours away when she was coming in with the kids next so we can get married and she said April 23. So I told my mom and his mom and my other sister that it was going to be April 24th. My sister that lives here said she can't come because the girls have a dance competition. I said I didn't want to wait until summer to get married which would be the next time my sister came in. So my sister here said, "Well tell Dawn she will just have to miss it." I got angry because why is it okay for Dawn to miss it and not Mary? Why does she feel like she is more important? This happens all the time. Whenever I try to schedule something everyone wants me to rearrange it to fit their schedule but when they want to plan something they don't rearrange it for me. So I said fine. Nobody is invited. We are going on Tuesday to get the marriage license and then next week I am going to the courthouse and getting married in the middle of the week. The only people I want there is my mom and dad and his mom and dad. My dad is retired and my mom never worked so they can come and his dad is disabled with MS and his mom got laid off so they can make it, so heck with everyone else.

That's it for this month. Sorry it was such a long entry. Have a good couple weeks and God Bless.

Take care,

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