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Entry 8 ~ June 8, 2010
~ Busy Summer!!

Not much has been going on since the last update. I'm still not talking to my mother-in-law but that's okay. Jeremy took little J to the doctor for his foot but he said it was alright; it's just that because his foot is turned in, he probably bumped it on something and it has gone away, so I am not to worried anymore. His tooth came in but now he has another coming right beside that one.

Little J looks so cute. He is still a very picky eater. I give him his bottle and he eats nine ounces and then I give him baby food but he will only eat sweet stuff. No vegetables no meat, nothing. Very picky. I took his helmet back off; he is getting sores again. They need to just make him a new one because this one just does not fit right and they can only shave so much off before it's down to nothing. It makes me mad. I paid 3000 dollars for it, and it still doesn't fit right. Being that I paid that much they should make sure it's okay.

The weather is finally turning nice so we have been taking little J to the park at nights and he sits in the baby swing and falls asleep. I think the air and the swinging just lulls him to sleep because just the swing at home doesn't put him to sleep. But he's doing so great and I am so very proud of him. I got rid or the physical therapist he had, and I'm not sure I like this new one either but we will see. The last one, Little J didn't want to work for and I see no point in having her come to the house every week and getting paid when he isn't benefitting from it. This new girl does make him work but the only day she has available is Tuesdays and that doesn't always work and she doesn't seem to want to go to his daycare so I don't know if she is going to work. Plus she wants to come at 8 am and little J doesn't wake up until 9 so he really doesn't want to be worked hard first thing in the morning but again I will have to see.

Our summer is going to be so busy. Next weekend is Jeremy's sister's shower so I have to drive to Somerset for that then turn around and come home because my whole family is going to Kennywood on Sunday. That will be fun. Then July 18 is Jeremy's sister's wedding. Then the next weekend we are having the baby's first birthday party which we are just having at the park and then the next day we are driving to Delaware to my sister's for a week for vacation. We are taking the baby to the sesame place and then we are taking him to the fair and to the farm to see the animals and then to six flags; they have a baby baby area that the baby can go on. Plus those tickets are free because my sister has friend's tickets and we don't have to pay for a hotel because we are staying at my sister's so this will be a pretty inexpensive vacation which is good because we are broke. We bought a new car and had to put a down payment on it and now we have no money. Our cable got shut off and so did the phone so my sister is trying to get us some money to lend us. Her boyfriend is a very rich doctor so she is trying to get him to lend us some money. We know him and have met him; he came in when the baby was born and said if we had any questions about the baby's health issues he could explain them so we could understand them. He is wonderful.

I will talk to you all next time. Take care and God Bless.

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