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Kelly's Parenting Journal
Kelly StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Kelly's parenting journal.

Kelly and her husband Jeremy are the proud parents of two sons. Jeremy Tyler (Lil J) was born in 2009 with hydrocephalus, a heart problem, and a club foot. Logan Michael was born in 2013 without any health problems.

Join Kelly as she shares her experiences of being the mother of a special needs child and a new baby.

Entry 50 ~ December 1, 2014
~ Looking Up

Lil J had his appointment with a different surgeon to look at that bone. The doctor said it was fine, however he asked why they didn't remove the big bone that sticks out to the side like where the ankle is. I told him this was caused form the curving of the bone. I had talked to the last surgeon about it and he said if it wasn't bothering him he wasn't going to touch it. So this surgeon wants to see him with the new prosthetic foot. If he feels that this is causing balance issues or that they have trouble making it due to this, he will go in and remove this bone so he may end up with another surgery, at which point I will be fuming at that hospital. Other than that J has been walking on it and is doing great. .

A few weeks ago, right before Halloween I was getting him up to get ready for school. He was sitting in the middle of my bed while I got dressed and he said, "Can I brush my teeth?" I took him to the bathroom and sat him on the toilet lid and he couldn't sit up, just kept falling over. I asked him if he was okay and he just stared at me like he didn't know who I was. I sat him on the floor to run and grab the phone and he fell over again and hit his head on the wall. I called 911, told them his problems, that he is 5 and so they dispatched the paramedics. After this J was crying that his head and belly hurt but was able to sit again and talk to me. The firemen showed up with six of them and they came in and said, "Wow he looks young for a 56 year old male." I said uh he's 5. When the paramedics came they knew it was a 5 year old so don't know why the fireman thought 56. Anyway they took him to the hospital. Once there he was acting fine but they did a CT scan which was fine, then checked his eyes and then did a shunt series and those were all fine. Then they did the nuclear study where they inject dye into his shunt in his head and see if it's blocked; it wasn't so the shunt is fine. They kept him overnight and did an EEG again. This time it was abnormal and showed he is prone to having seizures now so that is what he had and he is now on anti-seizure medicine. He has not had another one and he has no side effects from the meds so he's doing well on that. .

We found out that the after school program is closing December 23rd. They do not have enough kids signed up so we had to find somewhere for J to go. We found someone and she is actually going to start next week. She is only a block from my house so the bus will take him right to her house. .

Logan saw the doctor and they tested him for diabetes and that was negative. He eats a ton and has not gained weight since June. He cannot drink milk so we took him back to the doctor. They have now prescribed duocal which is just calories and then a calcium supplement so he can make sure he gets the calcium he needs. He is 18 months and only weighs 19 pounds so he is very little for his age but otherwise doing fantastic. He is growing length wise and starting to talk. He is such a daddy's boy though. Thanksgiving was fun and then we went to his parents and my kids got ignored when his sister showed up with the baby which ticked me off to no end but whatever. My family all loves my boys to death so no biggie. .

Other than that all is well. Oh they did end up totaling our car because the bent frame pushed it over the limit. We bought a new used car. We got a Hyundai santafe limited so it has a sunroof, leather seats, a DVD player and 3rd row seating. It's really nice though someone already smashed the mirror off Thanksgiving night when it got icy. They slid into the car while it was parked in front of the house and of course kept going so we now have to buy a new mirror which is $295 dollars as it is a heated mirror. Oh and also looking to maybe transfer jobs to move to Delaware to be closer to my sister.

Hope all is well with everyone. Take care and talk to you next month.


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