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Entry 10 ~ December 3, 2010
On the First Day of Christmas . . .

ultrasoundWe found out we are having another little rotten, wonderful, awesome girl! That means a lot of money when they get older, but for now, a shared bedroom, hand me downs and all the toys that Sophie has grown out of will be just fine for baby girl. And when we finally close on this house, the paint scheme in their bedroom will be totally doable now! Yay for girls! We are slowly but surely outnumbering Daddy in this place!

I am sure that this will be a challenge at first, but Sophie seems to be getting more and more independent every day. In the new house in Tennessee, she really likes being able to rule the roost all day long.

We have noticed lately that she is really needy for attention at night after her Daddy gets home from work. I am not sure if this is her way of coping with being uprooted from her regular daily routine, or if this has something to do with another cursed phase she may be going through. Either way, I am hoping that we all get adjusted very soon.

We left a group in Kentucky that Sophie and I had joined called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and we really miss all the other mothers and kids that we got to spend time with twice a month. If you have a group like this in your area and you are a stay at home mother, I encourage you to join one. The premise is that you gather together twice a month on a certain day of the week and nursery workers watch your preschooler, while you eat breakfast and converse and discuss topics with other mothers that are in the same season of life that you are. It is such a nice thing to be able to get away from being on duty for a couple of hours and talk with other mothers about things that are concerning for you and your child, ways to solve problems and just give you and your child some much needed time apart every now and then.

I have checked into a group in this area and there is not one close, so I may take the initiative to start one next year after the new little girl is here.

We are finally in the house and getting to the middle of the piles and piles of boxes and things in here. It is truly amazing how you can be a total pack rat and then, after your things have been sitting in a POD for a year, you can totally clean house and get rid of all those shoes (let's face it, feet grow after pregnancy, they don't shrink) and clothes and things that you really just don't need to live. I have let go of so many useless things and will feel so good when they are finally out of this house and my life! So I say spring cleaning nothing, let's all winter clean this year too! It will make you feel so much better!

Until next time . . .

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