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Entry 12 ~ January 16, 2011
~ Sick Baby - Well Baby

Sick baby = no eating drinking or sleeping. Well baby = eating drinking and sleeping like a champ!!

sophieSophie woke from a nap a week ago with a temperature of 102.5 and a really grouchy attitude. We were worried and gave her some Advil, followed 20 minutes later by a bottle that she asked for. Needless to say, the bottle and, I am sure, the Advil ended up coming back up all over both of us. We were really worried, when at 11:30 that night, we checked her temperature again and it had gone up to 104!! We called her pediatrician on call, who told us to take her to the ER. It was the coldest night ever, registering in at a mere 7 degrees outside the car on our way there. So cold, in fact, that by the time the triage nurse saw us, her temperature had dropped to around 99 degrees!

The ER staff at the new hometown hospital were so courteous and didn't even ask us to fill paper work out until we got into our room in the back. Then, the admissions lady came in and filled everything out for us. Kudos to the awesome staff that knew we were a little freaked out with a sick baby in the ER.

The doctor said that he suspected either a viral infection that the fever was trying to fight or something else, like a possible blood infection. We were so scared that something was really wrong with our precious little Sophie. After a chest x-ray was completed and blood sample, both of which weighed in at completely normal levels, we were sent home with instructions to try to keep her drinking as much as possible and eating if at all possible as well.

All day Sunday, we battled the fever and once again were up at 11:00 with our baby in a lukewarm bath trying to combat the 104 degree fever that crept in while she slept. The next morning my husband could not get anything done at work for worrying about our sick girl, so when he called at lunchtime and the fever was still around 102, we called the doctor again. This time we let him know that she was not eating or drinking and had just been clinging to me all day. We went in for another blood culture and a urine sample which had to be taken via catheter. As I watched my husband holding her little arms down and the doctor holding her legs in an Indian style fashion and heard her terrified scream, I really thought this was the beginning of something terrible that our family was going to have to go through. She was so pitiful and confused and all I could do was sit there and cry. We were told that the cultures would take a few days to get back.

By the next morning, her fever was lower and she started drinking a little more and eating clementines. That was the only thing she had eaten in three days. She got to the point where she was spitting the Advil in our faces when we tried to give it to her. When we woke up on Wednesday and baby girl had no fever, we were ecstatic! I called the doctor to let him know that her fever was gone and that she had a slight rash on her neck and belly. He said that this was common with high fever and not to worry, but not to have her around other children for 24 hours as a precaution.

The cultures came back and there was nothing abnormal on either of them.

After checking out online resources and listing the fever with no other symptoms, we are sold on the idea that our baby girl was suffering from roseola. Apparently it is a high fever with no other symptoms that lasts for several days followed by a rash that can spread all over the body for up to two weeks after the fever has gone. I only wish that the doctors we saw had mentioned that as a possibility and not gotten us so worked up that it was something else.

For the past several days, Sophie has been eating everything in sight, which is wonderful to see. She also has slept all night in her own room, own bed for three nights in a row now and her daddy and I and new baby sister are all three very grateful.

All I know is I am thanking the Lord even more every day for my family and my healthy baby girl. There is nothing as scary as thinking that there is something seriously wrong with your own child.

Until next time . . . take care!

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