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Entry 13 ~ February 9, 2011
~ No Name Baby & her Smart Big Sis

So, I am now 30 weeks pregnant, with ten, count em, ten weeks to go until we meet this new little bundle of joy. And the poor thing is going to end up as New Baby on her birth certificate because her Daddy and I cannot think of what we want to call her!

I wish we had planned on having two girls from the start and thought up names a few years ago for both, but I guess people just assume when they are talking about that sort of thing that they will need to think of a boy name and a girl name.

I know that I have ten weeks until we have to know the name, but this is stressing me out more than getting a bassinet, more than painting the babies' room or getting Sophie to sleep through the night and more than most everything is stressing me out these days (which is a lot, trust me!). This is a big deal, a name is something that you have for the rest of your life, so it has to be a good one!

We do have a 3d ultrasound scheduled for next week, though, so I am hoping that seeing this little girl's face will help us decide. We may even just have a list of about three or four different names on deck and decide when we see her in person what she should be named. I don't know, but as much as it stresses anyone else out to not know what our child will be called, trust us, we are more stressed about it than you!!

On a happier note, my big girl is now sleeping in her crib, although not all the way through the night just yet. Some nights she does and some nights she still wakes up around 2 or 3am, either wet or thirsty. One night in particular that will stick out for Sophie's daddy and I was when she woke up and we gave her a ba ba, rocked her, and still to no avail, she kept crying. Finally, in frustration I said I wish she could just tell us what she wanted! To this, my lovely, smart and gorgeous little girl, sat up in our bed between us and said, "I poopy". And sure enough, it was a blowout that her daddy immediately got up and changed. After that, she was fine and slept soundly for the rest of that night. I find it both exciting that she is learning to communicate and scary too, because she is learning all kinds of things, including things that I say that may not be something you expect an 18 month old to say. Watch your mouth, ladies, when a talking baby comes into your house!!

Until next time, take care!

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