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Entry 17 ~ May 23, 2011
~ Back in the Saddle Again!

Ladies, I am going to get on my bike tonight and ride! I cannot tell you how happy just that thought is making me. For me, exercise is so important to maintain a healthy body and mind and I think that it will do so much for me as a mommy too. Another thing that I have been recently doing? Mowing the yard! I know that may sound silly, but there is almost nothing more fun and with immediate results than mowing the yard on the riding lawn mower, ipod in my ears and some Adele playing at whatever level I want it to. No one screaming "wady gaga" in the background, and no one crying for my current best assets to feed on.

My husband and I have to work out a schedule so we can both get in daily exercise, so that we will both be feeling and performing our best. I know that he is stressed out too from working so hard and dealing with so much stress at work. His favorite workout is to run, and mine is biking.

Sophie has been a little less of a poop lately, which has me feeling a little less crazy than I did in my last entry. I have been trying to include her in more household chores, in part, to give her something to do and also, to teach her to be a good helper. I am hoping that this pays off later in life.

We are going to start Toddler Time at the library here tomorrow and I am excited to get her out of the house and around other toddlers. She loves other kids and people and I think we will both benefit from a regular activity like that.

This weekend we are going for Sydney's first camping trip! We will head to Maggie Valley NC this Friday and meet up with Kyle's brother, sisters and their families for the holiday weekend. I wonder how much more we are going to have to take along with us with one more little baby added to the bunch.

We go for Sydney's 2 month check up on June 6th, and I am also anxious to get back to church. We visited our old town in Kentucky last week and hung with a friend that I met just before we moved and I have decided that this time, we are going to make more of an effort to make friends for however long we are here. It was hard going back, because I really loved our gym there, which had 2 hour a day childcare and was perfect for me and Sophie. I met some really great people in the classes that I took there, yoga, a cardio pump class and spinning. I wish I had not been such a moron and waited so long to start going to the gym (Sophie was 10 months old when I got serious) because I enjoyed going and I think it was good for Sophie and for me too.

Wish me luck on getting back to my bike and trying to shed some of this oh so icky baby weight! I have not only one baby's weight to lose, but two!!

Until next time, take care!

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