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Entry 18 ~ June 10, 2011
~ Ridiculous Costs for Having Babies

Can a two month old dig potatoes? Do not camp with a 2 month and 22 month old and Ridiculous costs for having babies

Sophie and SydneyEvery time I am looking into my sweet new baby's eyes while feeding her and I reach down and let her little hand grab onto my finger, I notice a strange phenomenon. My two month old baby has a layer of brown dirt under her tiny little fingernails! What is she doing while it looks to me like she is sleeping soundly? Is she somehow secretly waking, crawling out of her swing or bassinet and doing some weeding? The looks of my flower beds would not support this theory. It is the craziest thing and I am thinking that I will need to start watching her at all times now to catch her in the act!

We have recently received all of our doctor's bills for having Sydney and the hospital stay and everything that happened right after. I understand that hospitals charge for some things that are totally necessary and that you really need when you have a baby. Then, there are the things that they charge you for that you could have just brought from home. We were in the hospital from Friday late night to Sunday mid-morning and we were charged $46 for 24 diapers! We were sent back to the hospital on Monday for two more nights and charged the same thing! Not to mention the $11 bulb syringe x2 and all the other ridiculous things we could have brought from home, even Tylenol and stool softener were on the bill and they MADE me take the stool softener. And there is nothing that you can do to get rid of these once the visit is done. I highly suggest that you take these things with you to save about 200 bucks on your happy day. Newborn diapers, bulb syringe, burp cloths, pacifiers ($11 also) and your own Tylenol for after labor. All the other things are necessary, but these things you can bring yourself and save money.

We decided that for Memorial Day weekend, we would go camping with my in-laws. Everyone was there from my husband's side of the family except for his parents. Everyone arrived Friday evening and we got our popup set up for sleeping in. We all sat around the fire that first night and around 11pm, we took the girls to bed. Sophie cried and protested, even though in the camper, she gets to sleep with us. When Sydney woke up around 2:45am after just getting to sleep around 1:45am (yes, Mommy was up with her all that time) Sophie also woke up and was inconsolable! It was ridiculous. She was yelling and screaming for two hours straight and at a few times, I was even holding her and she was yelling for me! My husband took her to the car when the pitch of her screams got so loud we just knew we were going to get kicked out of the campground. It took him a couple more hours to get her to sleep and they finally came back when I had had a few hours of sleep. Daddy and his girls ended up sleeping for about two more hours after I got up and showered and had some coffee with my sister-in-law. It was a nightmare.

The next night we decided we would just let her go until she got tired and then we each slept on opposite ends of the camper with a kid in tow. It went much better and Sophie was out and did not even move out of first position all night long. That was the way to do it and I am just sad we didn't figure that one out until the second night.

All in all it was a fun trip. The cousins all took care of Sophie and made sure she was having fun and I am sure fed her about 4 too many popsicles a day. But they are so good with her and are all little mommies and daddies, following her around to make sure she doesn't fall or hurt herself. My sister and her two kids came up this week and we have all had a great time together. My sister and I even got to go to one of the local wineries and try out some new wines together one night. It was a short one, but the first girl's night out I have had in years!

I have also joined a new writers' website and am currently participating in a workshop that I love! It is complete with challenges that are so much fun and I feel like it is helping me get back to writing. I have written a short story, and a short article and am also working on a couple of novel ideas. That would be my dream job, being an author, so I am trying to achieve it.

I have also signed Sophie up for Mother's Day Out, at a local church this week. It begins in August with the schedule and is two days a week from 8-2. I think she will do really well being around other kids her age twice a week and it will give Sydney and me some time to bond too. I am thinking I can use those days to take an official online writing class and my husband is totally supporting me.

I have a friend up north who is going through a hard time right now. She has been married for a few years and has just found out that her husband is not who he pretended to be before they met. She is completely devastated and does not know what to do about herself and her young son. I hope she has the strength to do the right thing, whatever that is for her family.

I want to take this time to say thank you to my husband for being who he is. We do fight, but we always make up. He is a wonderful father and I cannot imagine my life without him and my girls. He is the best man I have ever met and I cannot wait to see what our future holds with our sweet little family! Thank you Kyle. Thank you for who you are, always, and without fail.

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