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Entry 19 ~ July 8, 2011
~ High Hopes for Mother's Day Out

SophieWell, I have signed Sophie up for Mother's Day Out at a local church and am hoping to hear something from them soon. She will be going to "school" two days a week, from 8-2, starting in August when schools start back. I am hopeful that she will do well and maybe that they will help me a little with potty training too! That may be a lot to ask, but I would be so happy to have only one child in diapers right now!

Miss Sydney is growing like a weed and eating like a horse lately. I am pretty sure that she ate every hour on the hour yesterday and I am not sure how my breasts are keeping up. This is the most mellow little baby on the planet, I swear. She only cries when she is hungry or has a dirty diaper and just recently has started to cry when she is sleepy. She is so big, she has almost grown out of her lovely little bassinet and I really want to get Sophie a toddler bed and switch Sydney to the crib. I think she will do well in there; she sleeps pretty great in the bassinet already. My goal for them is to have bunk beds eventually, but that will have to wait just a little while.

It's summertime and the living is cheap if not easy. We are trying really hard to live and spend by a budget that we formulated and it is proving to be very hard. It seems like every time we get our heads above water, something comes along to dunk us again. Living paycheck to paycheck is not fun, but until we can pay all of these doctor's bills off and then get started on our credit cards, we will be living that way. Money is the root of all evil? Sometimes I believe that is true. Especially when you really want to do some little project or go on a daytrip and there is simply no money to do it with. Can make for a very stressful time at home, but I tell my husband that I have lived on so much less in life. When I lived alone, I could make it on about $225 dollars a week! It is hard to believe but once you pay the most you can on bills, and there is just a little left for some form of entertainment, that entertainment had better be really good. So when I get a cd I have been waiting for and don't like it at all, it is a sad day for whatever artist came out with it. I will protest by not listening to anything else they have released either!

SydneyWe traveled to both families this past weekend for the 4th of July holidays and it was nice and exhausting. Travel expenses are so neccessary and annoying, but we hadn't been home to see my side of the family in over two months and it was high time! We found out that Sophie is not a big fan of the fireworks. She had to be taken to the car and driven around by her Daddy while Mommy and Sydney watched. Sydney was pretty happy about more lights to look at, so she did just fine.

My niece Beth, came home with us and has been hanging out for the week. She has started selling Mary Kay and we got to play with makeup last night so she could show me her line. It is very impressive and I will have to set some money aside to try some of it out.

We don't have a lot planned this summer, but I am dying to go to the beach. Sophie has never even been and of course Sydney is too little to grasp it, but Mommy really needs some beach time this year. So, we may go beach camping this year, to save some money one, and to make my husband feel like he has gotten his money out of the popup for the year! Wish me luck with that.

Sorry to be so boring, with no money, it is not the most exciting summer!

Until next time-

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