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Entry 2 ~ May 6, 2010
Nighttime Struggles & Teething

SophieRemember how last time I was saying, "Oh, yeah we are going to get our baby sleeping in her crib"? Well, it turns out that this feat is not such an easy one. Especially when your baby gets yet another cold, cannot breathe at night and is to be propped up at a 30 degree angle to sleep. We had to use the nebulizer again three times a day and she loved that (sarcasm).

So, needless to say, we are putting her down after the nightly routine of feeding, bathing, reading and snuggling and she sleeps until about one or two and wakes up and cannot be consoled back to sleep. And I am embarrassed to say that we are both so tired that we either just pull her up in the bed with us or pat her butt for a few minutes until she wanders back to sleep. It's ridiculous that we keep doing it, but I don't know how parents get their babies into the crib for a full night's sleep. When she gets in the bed with us, she snuggles into an armpit and stays there until the morning and sleeps just fine for the rest of the night. Anyone with suggestions other than, "get into a nightly routine or just let her cry," please let me know how you did it. I have even been having back trouble lately because of the way that I sleep when I know she is in there with us.

What else, oh! Sophie is getting yet another mean little tooth; this time it is her top canine tooth. She is a little bear and I know that it is only because her mouth hurts her so much. I wish there was more that you could do to help the little angels out of their misery, but I guess it will be this way until all those puppies come in at last.

This is my first "real" Mother's Day and I just want to let everyone know that I hope you have/had a great one. Remember how before you were a mother, you just made a big deal out of this day for your mother and sisters and friends? Well, now it's your turn to celebrate the wonder that is you as a mother! Enjoy it to the fullest! I know I will!

Take care!

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