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Entry 21 ~ August 17, 2011
~ Sophie is 2!!

SophieJust want to use this entry to write a letter to my oldest daughter, who is now 2 years old! Happy birthday Sophie Kay Evans!

My Dear little Sophie-

Two years ago, my life was changed forever. God sent your daddy and I the most gorgeous little present we had ever received.

We went to our 37 week doctor's appointment, thinking we had another three weeks of waiting. You had different plans for us. Your doctor asked us if we had our bag in the car and your daddy and I laughed. She wasn't kidding. We went home to get our things and called all of your eagerly waiting family members.

We got to the hospital where you were going to be born at around 3 pm. Daddy dropped me off and went back to work to let them know the news and get everything finished. When he came back to the hospital Mommy was all iv'd up and getting ready for your arrival.

Grammy and Pappaw made it around 8 that evening and spent the night in the room with us. Your Grammy, my momma, and I didn't really sleep, we were both too excited! We talked a lot instead, which was great.

Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Kimmie and Cousin Bethie got there the next day. They were all there before you arrived and as soon as you did, you were surrounded by people who already loved you so much!

That was the second best day of my life, the first was the day that I married your Daddy!

You are such a good big sister and I know that you are going to teach little sister Sydney all that you know. You are already so good with her and you two are going to be the best of friends throughout your lives.

Thank you for teaching me all there is to know about 2 year old little girls and please be patient with me in learning more every day. We have a long happy road ahead of us, and I am just so lucky to have been chosen to be your mommy.

I love you Sophie Kay Evans! Happy happy second birthday!

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