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Entry 22 ~ September 24, 2011
~ The Orange Tic Tac & the Genius Rescue

SophieMy daughter, Sophie, is a bright little girl. She is one of the smartest kids I have ever seen and I have known some smart ones. At two years old, she already knows many of her colors, speaks in full sentences, and can sing about 5 songs that she has learned in preschool. She will correct you if you read a word wrong on her favorite book and tell you No! if she doesn't agree with a well-deserved trip to time out.

Having said all of those things, on our last trip to see my in-laws, my genius little girl asked to go pee pee in the potty when we were shopping at Target. My husband took her and we praised her all the way to the car, where we gave her the usual "way to go two tic tacs" for peeing in the potty. Driving along the road on a detour of the main interstate, my intelligent little girl pipes up from her seat, "Tic tac."

Used to praising her and trying so hard to succeed with potty training, I said from the front, "Yes, Sophie you got two tic tacs because you were a big girl and pee peed in the potty. Yay Sophie!"

To this my smart little kid said, "Mommy a tic tac."

"We gave you tic tacs honey."

"Tic tac. In my nose." she whined.

My husband looked at me and said, "Did she just say she has a tic tac in her nose?" and snickered, before pulling over at a gas station.

I jumped out to go to the trailer we were pulling our stuff on to look for my tweezers. Finding them after a struggle, I came back to where my husband and little girl were investigating the whereabouts of said tic tac. We found then that tweezers were no use, since the tic tac had managed to wedge its way into my lovely little girl's nasal passage way up near the bridge of her nose.

As she was crying, I was freaking and my husband was trying not to laugh at the orange snot coming out of my girl's right nostril, we came up with an idea. Pepper! If we could get some pepper and make her sniff it, maybe she would sneeze and blow this cursed tic tac out. I guess another idea would have been to let it dissolve or even still we could have let her suck it up and down her throat(ew!), but at the time, all we wanted was to get that thing out of her nose.

I ran into the gas station and went to find a salt and pepper shaker. Why bother with just getting the small packs, I had a feeling this could happen again with Sophie or Sydney when she gets to be that age, so I went for the shakers. Running them out to the car, I felt like that stupid pepper would never fulfill its destiny, becaue the plastic covering the opening was impossible to budge. I finally rammed a key from my keychain in there and it opened reluctantly. My husband sniffed it and it did nothing for him. He had Sophie sniff it and she pushed it away immediately. Just in time, I grabbed a boogie wipe from the pack and help it up to her nose and Achooo! out came what was left of that cursed orange tic tac!

I hate to say it, but something as small as a tic tac and a pepper shaker really made me and my husband feel like parents of the year that night. And no matter how smart your child is, he or she is bound to do something that ridiculous someday. And when she sticks something up her nose, remember this friend. Pepper! It will make them sneeze and make you feel like an absolute genius!

Take care!

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