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Entry 23 ~ October 13, 2011
~ Everybody Loves a Big Girl Bed

SydneyI am writing this month as a parent who has had just a little more sleep in the last week than I have had in six months. I attribute this to a shift in our lifestyles and just want to express my biggest thanks to those that I feel are responsible.

First of all, to the fine people at the Englander mattress company in Rome, GA, I say thank you for the twin mattress and box spring that you made. Thank you to my husband for spending a day and a half with me looking for just the right bed for my toddler. Thank you to myself for being persistent with my husband and assuring him that we were ready for the switch. And thank you for the two full nights this weekend that my two year old slept all night without waking up once. And also, to Sophie, thank you for giving up your crib so easily and leaving it to Sydney, who seems to be sleeping much better too.

SophieIt is amazing what a full night's sleep can do for a mommy. Just two full nights in 6 months and on Monday, my husband and I started running again. It had been about three months since I had strapped on my running shoes. My husband came home and we strapped the girls into the double stroller, grabbed the dogs and took off.

We started with five minutes walking and three minutes of running. It had been so long that I felt like the five minutes was lasting about a minute and the three was lasting for an hour! We made it all the way around the neighborhood, which is about 2 1/2 miles, and then had to let Sophie run the last three minutes home. She was begging to "wun" the whole time we were running and I decided that a little exercise might be great for her. I think when she gets a little bigger, she may be running right alongside us.

SophieThat is something that I am so excited for. I have so many hopes for my daughters and one of them is that they will be active and enjoy some kind of sport, something that I can go with them to support them in. Sophie has always been a dancer, since the moment she could stand supported and next year, when she turns three, she will be able to start dance classes. I will be happy in anything that she decides to do, but I hope that she will continue to enjoy making healthy choices and staying active.

It feels good to be making healthy choices myself that my daughters can see and will hopefully follow my footsteps in. Being a parent definitely makes me want to become a great role model for my children and I think that being active is one of the best ways for me to do it.


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