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Entry 24 ~ November 18, 2011
~ Up, Up and Away!!

HalloweenSydney Ellen has some new tricks since the last journal entry. In the course of about a month, she has started crawling, last week she began sitting up and this weekend she started pulling herself up on the furniture to stand by herself. She is an amazing little person! Still no teeth, but she is doing some serious teething and drooling and crying!

We also have experienced Sophie's third and Sydney's first Halloween and let me tell you something that you forget about. Older kids. We went to a couple of fall festivals and I feel like I spent half my time there, explaining away scary costumes that the older kids are wearing. Yes Halloween is a fun time for the most part for two year olds, but you have to remember that it can also lead to some sleepless nights and terror as well. Mother's Day Out had a fall fun festival and had inflatable slides and bounce houses, but would not allow the kids to dress up during school days. I was glad. You never know what parents are going to let their kids wear.

HalloweenI made both the girls' costumes and that was both a nightmare and something that gave me pride. That is, around the people with young children who knew that they were Dora and Boots. All the older people we saw could say was, "Aw, I like your wig" and "Oh, why does that monkey have red boots on?" I swear, people can squash your pride in an instant just from ignorance, can't they?

Now we are heading into a season of visiting, which translated by a mother and father with kids who HATE riding in the car means, a season of driving on our part. Not fun, especially since Sydney has decided she would rather be crawling anywhere than riding in her carseat. I know that it is for saftey's sake, but sometimes I think it would be better if you could get your kids out and cuddle them while driving when they are crying their eyes and hearts out!

Happy Holidays Moms and Moms to Be!

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