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Entry 26 ~ January 25, 2012
~ When your hero has a heart attack

My father is 66 years old, and is the most active man I know. He has moved himself many times and he has moved every single one of his 4 children and 3 of his 7 grandchildren. He is the walking buddy that I have had in life that was the absolute BEST and we walk together now any time he comes to visit us. The years have taken me farther away from him and my family, but I have always been close to him, talking to him at four times a week at the very least.

That is why I am blown away and in complete shock today, writing my journal entry. I got a call from my sister, Katie, on Monday and she asked if I was sitting down. We are a family of jokesters, so I assumed she was being funny. Then she told me that my fit, healthy father was in the hospital because he had just had a heart attack!

I was completely confused. How could a man who has taken care of everyone around him for 66 years have had a heart attack? How could the man that was ready to go down the 20 foot plastic made slip n slide at the 4th of July family picnic be in the hospital? He has never been in the hospital since I have been alive and that has been 33 years! He eats right, loves to get exercise and is always on the go. He is the one outside with the kids at the swing, pushing them to their little hearts content. He is the man who most Sundays, drives the church van to pick up the little children that's parents won't come to church with them and the one who sits with them when he is not singing in the choir.

My father showed none of the symptoms of a heart attack that I have ever heard about. He had no pain shooting down his arm, no elephant on his chest, no shortness of breath. He felt bad for two days before he went to the ER. He was burping a lot when my sister, an LPN, came to stay with him Monday afternoon. She knew immediately that this was a sign and I am so thankful that she was there to convince him to get ready and go to the hospital. It could have been much much worse.

So, for now, we are waiting for my father, my hero, to have bypass surgery on Monday. He had four blocked arteries, 2 were 100% blocked. 1 was 80% blocked and a third was 56% blocked. Please pray for my family, we are all just kind of out of our element right now. I know that my Dad is a believer and cannot wait to meet his Savior, but I guess I am just a little selfish and want to have him around a little longer!

Take care,

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