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Entry 27 ~ February 28, 2012
~ Getting Scared into Getting Healthy

As you know from my last entry, my father had a heart attack and open heart surgery at the end of January. It was a heck of a way to get his family into healthier eating and lifestyles, but I think the man has done it!

I am proud to say that my husband and I have been counting calories, working out and watching what we eat since the week before New Year's (so we wouldn't be those people, starting on New Year's Day!) and we have lost about 20 lbs each.

My sister and niece have started a competition to be the Biggest Loser in their family and are also calorie counting and working out. So proud of them both for taking a stand and starting on a healthy path together. There is nothing like having a workout and dieting buddy and I am glad that they are close and can do that together.

My dad is doing well and his biggest problem so far is boredom! He is not used to sitting around and is chomping at the bit to get started on his rehab. Things are on the up and up with him and I am so thankful he is still here with us every day!

Sydney has 6 teeth and looks adorable with them! Her smile is contagious and her little fake laughs warm my heart when I hear them come out. She is such a sweet and loving little girl and lights up every day when her daddy comes walking in the door from work.

Sophie is doing great with potty training, FINALLY! We have said bye bye to diapers, are wearing night time pullups for sleeping and long car rides and wearing big girl panties at all other times! She only has an accident about every other day and knows when she needs to potty. With the help of the potty watch, that plays music when it is potty time, she is doing a fantastic job and moving right along on her way to big girldom!

I am a proud mommy and can't wait to prepare for Sydney's first birthday, coming in April!!

Until next time, take care!

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