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Entry 29 ~ May 3, 2012
~ One Year Old Dental Emergency!

SydneySo, just when you think that you are adjusting to being a mother of two kids, two and under, a bomb drops to blow all those feelings to smithereens!

This past week, we had just given baths to our 2 1/2 and 1 year olds. Don't know why this always happens, but just like our dogs, after a bath they get a little bit crazy. They were running through the living room (don't run in the house!) and Sophie pushed our little one down. This has happened a thousand times before with nothing bad coming out of it except maybe for Sophie, who usually gets a trip to the naughty chair.

This time, something bad happened. Really bad. When Sydney fell, she hit her mouth on the marble window sill that sits low to the floor. There was blood everywhere and a cry that can only be described as primal. The sound of extreme pain came out of my tiny one year old and we were both moving to see what had happened. That is when my husband said "Oh no!" and I pounced over to survey the damage. Her two front teeth appeared to have been knocked out of her mouth and all I could do is cry and try not to cry and also not to kill my two and a half year old.

We tried to call our dentist, to no avail and then called the on call pediatric doctor. He told us we really would need to see a dentist and that nothing could be done for her in the ER. So we waited until the next morning, went to our dentist, who referred us to a pediatric dentist in Knoxville. Best thing we did all day!

Let me give a little shout out to Children's Dentistry of Knoxville. They were wonderful with both our kids and with us, so understanding and gentle with all four of my family members and I just thank God for all of them.

After an x-ray was taken, and two little teeth showed up inside her gums, the flood gate opened and my big strong husband burst into tears that I know he had been holding back for hours! Once he started it took him about 10 minutes to stop. It was the most stressful thing that has ever happened to our family and I am so glad that we went where we did.

The prognosis is good. The teeth should come back down in a month or two, they may be crooked or damaged, but at least they will come back. We were so worried that she would be 7 or 8 before she had front teeth and I remember how mean kids can be. I was so worried about her little psyche.

So, when something happens to your child's teeth, do not bother with the ER. Try to call your dentist's emergency line and get them in as soon as you can for an x-ray. You will be so glad that you did!

Take care!

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