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Entry 3 ~ May 21, 2010
Victory Is Mine!!

Today I am going to talk about how something that you didn't think twice about before you were a parent, and can totally change your outlook on the world once you become a parent. A good night's sleep with no baby in between you and your spouse.

And what I mean is, yes, she slept all night in her crib last night! Now this may be premature, but there is no feeling better than only getting up once, feeding a bottle and rocking your baby right back into a peaceful five more hours of sleep. Maybe one feeling better is climbing into bed with your husband and being able to snuggle a bit before you both go back to sleep!

I feel so proud today and accomplished. I feel like the world is my oyster and if I could get this baby to sleep all night in her crib and not in the bed with me and her daddy, well, then I could get any baby to sleep in their crib! I even got up this morning before my girly and got her dishes washed, drank some coffee and folded some clothes without a protest from someone's little tiny mouth. Just with one night of once only feeding, I feel like a whole new person today.

Before this momentous occasion, I was thinking there was no way I could handle having more than one child with my husband. Now I feel like what was I talking about? Let's have another one, now that I have this one in her own bed! Maybe not just yet, but it really does make me feel like I am finally doing something right, and no one can take that feeling away from me right now.

So hooray for me! And hooray for any mothers who are going through the same struggles.

Remember that this is the hardest job we will ever do, but it is definitely the job with the greatest benefits package! And no one understands all that we do, more than other mothers.

Until next time, take care!

Take care!

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