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Entry 30 ~ June 27, 2012
~ Raising kids, novel writing & yoga training

Many people would say that it is crazy to even attempt something so time consuming at this stage in my life and the life of my two small children. They would most likely be right, since I technically started writing this novel last May and I am only halfway through with it. I have not even finished writing nor have I begun what authors call Revision He double hockey sticks. All that being said, I am still determined to see this thing to the end. There are so very many things that I start and don't finish these days and I want to become a mommy that my kids can say one day always finished things she started.

Maybe this determination to finish my book is due to all those things that I start and still have not finished. I cannot tell you the last time that I started the laundry and had everything in our house washed, dried, hung and put away all by the time that my weary head hit the pillow. I can't tell you for that matter, when the last time I cleaned the house and went to bed with it still clean. The kids and my husband and myself have some kind of determination to unplace all the items that I have put in their place, and leave our clothes and toys all over the house, even in rooms that they never should have snuck into to begin with.

So, with all that being said, I am writing a book. I am almost halfway done writing said book and have given myself some pretty big goals in the first draft completion. To me, revision is the best part, but I say that because I have never done it. There are plenty of authors that would beg to differ I am sure and they would probably be right. But I always loved English most in school and I am what my husband calls his spell checker anytime he is writing emails or responding to something work related. My children don't always cooperate with me. They like to be paid attention to at all times and they love to hop right on my lap any time I have the computer out to write. They are also the reason that I want to write a book. Not only am I writing a novel, but I am working on a couple of children's book ideas as well. I would love to be a writer.

And I have also decided that I would also love to teach yoga. It has always been such a welcome release of toxins for me, both mental and physical and I have finally decided what I want to be when I grow up! It only took me 34 years, one husband and two kids to figure that out! I am planning to start teacher training in September and do something that I love, that will make me a stronger healthier mother and wife, and that will help other people. I always wanted to do something that would help people and make them happy and now, at 34 years old, I have figured out how to combine something I love to do with a career path that I think would be perfect for me, my girls and my husband. Kyle is so supportive and ready to be without me for 7 full weekends so I can become an instructor by the middle of January 2013. Hope that you can come along with me on the journey to completing these goals that I have as a mother, a writer, a yogi and a woman!

And just to give you a peek at my inspiration . . .

sophie and sydney

Until next time ~

Take care!

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