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Entry 31 ~ July 27, 2012
~ Smile at my Baby!!

It seems to me like more and more older mothers and fathers don't remember how hard it was having small children. We have had such a time dealing with people who just can't tolerate our kids. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I want to scream my head off at them, but does it really bother people that much when little kids act like little kids?

For example, I was at a clothing store one day, looking for some pants and trying to try things on behind a curtain that was the dressing room. My youngest daughter, Sydney, 15 months fell on the floor and proceeded to scream at full volume. I heard a woman say not at all quietly, "I couldn't take that for long!" I was in shock that someone, much less an older woman who had probably already finished raising her kids, could be so cruel. It made me want to get out of there immediately. The bright spot in that shopping trip was after I found what I was looking for (ah-thank you) the checkout lady said, "It must be hard having such small kids." To which I very loudly stated, "Yes, it is. And I think some women forget that." Ba-zinga rude lady!!

The more my kids grow and change and become independent beautiful little people, the more complete strangers act like this. Where were they when their kids were small? Not all kids act like perfect little angels all the time, and I am sure they would remember if they used the time being grouchy towards us to think back and remember.

There is a reason these two girls are the bright wonderful beautiful little people that they are. Two of the big reasons, I believe, are their mother and father. And four more reasons are our mothers and fathers. We parent because of the way our parents taught us to. Which leads me today to think about how it used to be . . .

Remember when your mother and father told you that you had to take a nap during the day? My parents made me go in my room, lay on my bed and read. If I fell asleep, good. I needed the nap. If I didn't, fine. At least I had the time to rest before getting up and running on my top gear again.

Remember when you tried to do something, asked your mother or father and they said No? I do. It happened a lot and they usually had a very good reason. I didn't appreciate it at the time, but now I know why they kept me from doing some of the things that I wanted to. When I tell my daughters No, they crumple into dramatic little heaps on the floor and wail. Did I do that when I was their age? I just don't see my mom doing well with that kind of behavior.

Remember when it was summertime or after school and you went outside to play for hours before dinner time? Why does my almost three year old want to stay in the house and watch one show over and over again until I can recite every line? I loved playing outside when I was a kid. You nearly had to drag me in kicking and screaming to get me back inside the boring house in front of the stupid tv!

Remember when people smiled at little children when they saw them at the mall, store, park or anywhere? My husband and I have a new saying now since we had Sophie three years ago. "SMILE at my baby!" I don't know if we live in such an untrusting society that people are afraid to be nice or what, but if you see us coming, you better be ready to pull out your best grin to admire my beautiful kids. It takes more muscles to frown at them and makes us all mad at you, so just smile when you see a little child. My children love to smile. They love people and they love getting attention and a smile can go such a long way, not just for a little kid, but for their worn out mother and father too!

Take care!

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