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Entry 32 ~ August 26, 2012
~ To my Dear 3 Year Old Sophie Kay

Dear Sophie Kay:

Sophie KayWow! People said that time would fly, but on your birthday this month, I started to believe it! I have had so much fun watching your hair and legs grow longer, all your little teeth coming in, even when they really hurt you, and your mind getting brighter and opening more every day.

You are such an amazing little person and I am so proud to be your mama. You crack me up when you tell me knock knock jokes, or repeat something that I have said, and in the right context! You never cease to make me stop and wonder what I did to deserve a little girl as sweet, beautiful and smart as you are.

You have also grown into such a good big sister to your little sissy, Sydney. She already looks up to you just like mama looks up to her sisters and she is learning so much from you. It is good that she has you around, it makes mama and daddy's job of teaching her things so much easier.

In the coming year you will be meeting new friends at school, doing more learning, bike riding and playing and your little personality is going to come out more and more. I am sure that you will be making us laugh day after day and creating more amazing artwork for our walls. I am so happy that you have such an eye for detail already and at three years old, you already draw faces with all the parts that they are supposed to have.

I love you Sophie. And I am so lucky God chose me to be your Mama. Happy third birthday!


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