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Entry 33 ~ November 14, 2012
~ Garden gnomes, ballerinas and new babies, Oh My!

ultrasoundI hope that Halloween was a happy time for you guys! It was a little bittersweet for me and mine.

Yes, the girls looked awesome and cute, as you can see. Yes, my husband gets father of the year award for taking them trick or treating by himself this year. Yes, I am pregnant with my THIRD child and I was sick as a dog all of Halloween day! Boo! That was not much fun, but I am pretty sure that I ate some out of date turkey that caused it all to begin with. Make sure to check your labels people!

The girls were amazing. They looked great and went all over the place, thanks to their handsome Daddy and racked up on all kinds of unneeded candy. He is amazing and kudos for braving the cold weather and all the places that he went, loading and unloading two little girls in and out of the car all evening.

Well, I am going to update you on some things since the last entry.

For those of you who might have been wondering, Sydney's teeth are BACK! They came down fully in about a month and one is a bit crooked, but other than that, we are very happy with the outcome. It could have been so much worse! Thank God that it wasn't.

Sophie and SydneyIn recently breaking news, we are pregnant with our third child and excited to find out next Monday what the sex of our new little bundle will be. Here comes something that is just funny to me. A little less than two weeks before we got pregnant, we sold almost all of our baby stuff in a consignment sale! We have no bassinet, no bouncy seat, no Baby Bjorn, no bottle drying rack, no exersaucer and hardly any baby toys! This stinks, but I am hoping that this baby turns out to be a boy, because that way, we won't feel so bad. Considering that everything we sold was pink and purple, I think that will make us feel a lot better about buying a bunch of baby stuff when we already had it all! Oh the irony!

So this month, until we find out if our new little baby is a Stella or a Sam, I will leave you with some pictures of our children. All three of them!

Until next time ~

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