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Entry 34 ~ December 6, 2012
~ Sickness, Thanksgiving & Much Much More

Well, I am here to say that I am tired of the flu season already. So far we have dealt with an ear infection, vomiting 8 hour virus x2 (Thank God not 4), terrible head colds all around and some really weird virus with a high fever and coughing and nothing else.

I am done. I think that since we have been through all of this so early this winter (if you can call it that -it was 67 degrees here the other day!) we should be done until next season. It's only fair, right?

Thanksgiving was fun, we got to go see both our families and also to reveal the sex of our newest little pea in the pod. I will include a picture and let you know that IT'S A GIRL!

What a surprise huh? So, now Daddy and Max the dog are totally outnumbered with no sign of relief in sight. I am glad that we are having another baby, but this one is the last. I fear that my sanity is already at stake with just two so three will be just fine. We have ourselves an intramural basketball team! Go Team Evans! Newest member to be drafted May 2013!

We did something that was a lot of fun and I feel will most likely become an Evans family tradition from now on over the Thanksgiving weekend. We went up on top of a mountain to pick out the tree this year and there was also an adjacent winery. So, for anyone in the Linville, NC area or close by, I highly recommend the Red Barn Tree Farm and Winery for your Christmas tree purchasing next year. I didn't get to partake, but a glass of wine would have been helpful in warming me up for sure!!

This Thanksgiving, a miracle occurred. My husband was feeling terrible with aforementioned head cold and so I suggested maybe he get up, shower and go to Toys R Us to do some Black Friday shopping. He left close to 5am and was done with our kids' lists by 5:30am! He was helped right when he entered by a staff member, we now call the Christmas Angel, and she helped him find almost everything on the list! Thank you Kyle Evans and his goth chick Christmas Angel!!

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You will hear all about mine next month!

Until next time ~

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