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Entry 35
~ And a Happy New Year!

Happy New YearSo. All the traveling of the holidays is over and the new year is here. I am so glad that I live close enough to see friends and family for the holiday season, but traveling while pregnant with two little kids is for the birds! I love you all, but I think this new year will be a time for visits to our house until a couple months after our new little toot makes her debut.

It is amazing to think of how we used to party on New Year's Eve and the way it is now. We used to be out all night, feel terrible the next morning and take long naps to recover. Now we barely make it to midnight, share our bed with two little toddlers most nights and still feel terrible in the morning with no help from partying, just parenting. Its a whole new kind of party I guess.

I think that each time I get pregnant, I just forget how hard it is to do the things that we normally do. I am so tired, grouchy, and just an all around homebody these days and I think that I am just longing to do what I want to do with every new baby and get the house uncluttered, all my decor assembled, projects done and everything put away, given away or thrown away. This nesting thing seems to start sooner and last longer with every baby that I have carried. Five months and one week today and I am already starting to nest!!

Unfortunately the last time that I did that, sold all my 0-12 month baby clothes and toys and even my prenatal yoga dvd, we found out less than a month later that we were pregnant! I was adamant that we were done, but somewhere down deep, I really must have not been convinced that we didn't need one more baby. I was literally off the pill for one month when I got pregnant the last time. Now that we are having our little Stella, I am happy to have another little one, but this is definitely it for the Evans brood. Three little girls and one mommy are going to make for a crazy place for Daddy and our dog, Max to live! Watch out for puberty! It will be an ugly ugly time of life!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Getting back to normal and ready for one more little princess in our house come end of April first of May!!

Until next time ~

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