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Entry 36
~ Terrible twos...and threes...and 7 months pregnant!!

I wish I could say that this journal entry will be full of happy thoughts and wonderful amazing changes, but there has really been only one really wonderful thing happen in my kids life and mine lately. Sophie has started sleeping all night in her bed!! Only took us three years and some change, but I think we have finally bribed her to sleep in her bed.

When I say bribed, this isn't quite wrong. We heard an idea from a friend about a chart that we can make and have her earn stickers for good behavior, or in our case, sleeping a full night in her own big girl bed. It has worked amazingly well. We started off having her get a sticker a day for 5 days and at the end of 5 days, she can pick out a reasonable toy. She is getting so good at it that we are going to have to switch the reward to every ten days, as she continues in her sleeping. When she finally has that mastered, we will give her stickers and rewards for other good behavior, such as cleaning up, helping mommy with the new baby, things like that.

Sydney Ellen is another story. She is in the height of the terrible twos and there is no curbing her wrath right now. She gets a toy only because I feel bad getting Sophie one in front of her and we strive so hard to be equal. She is her own little hurricane of activity and there is not a lot besides the naught chair and a spanking that will get through to her these days. I know that this is probably just normal rebellious terrible two behavior, but when the two of them join forces against me, it is not easy to take. I cried on the phone like a three year old myself when my husband called on his way home from work the other day because of how nasty they were both being all day.

Here is a little sanity in a short amount of time. If you have a double stroller and two kids who have somehow eluded a nap all day and you are about to cry, scream or sell your kids to gypsies, put them in it. Give them a sippy full of their fave beverage and a "friend" to take along and put them in the stroller. Bundle them up in coats, hats and blankies and walk off your frustration. I did this the other sunny day and it was not only great for my physical health, but for my mental stability on a particularly hard day as well. When it gets warmer, take those kids to the park with some friends. I can not wait until spring, when the weather is warm and the kids can go and play at the park with each other and with their little friends. Winter I know is necessary, but Spring, please come soon. We need to get out of this HOUSE!!

In new baby Stella news, we are scheduled for a 3d ultrasound at 30 weeks. I am so excited to see that sweet little girl's face and hope that she will cooperate!!

Until next time ~

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