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Entry 37 ~ August 22, 2013
~ Happy 4th birthday to my first StorkNet baby, Sophie Kay!

Hard to believe that it has been over four years ago that I started writing my pregnancy journal for StorkNet and began the first steps in my journey to parenthood. I have learned some important things in life, like, friends make things easier, being pregnant is hard, being a parent is harder, keeping your marriage alive and strong is a challenge, and that three little girls, although very similiar, can be so very very different.

I like to write letters as my birthday journal entries, so they can be preserved for my girls for when they are older, so here goes.

My sweet sassy Sophie,

Who can believe that just over four years ago, I was not a mommy and Daddy was not yet a daddy? We were just a couple of people who had fallen in love, gotten married and were thinking that having a baby would be a great thing to do with our lives. How right we were!!

When we met you, life became more interesting, more challenging, and just generally sweeter. You grabbed onto our necks and hearts in a way that melted us down and changed our shape completely regarding life and love.

I am so thankful that you continue to get more beautiful, sweet, caring and loving every day and that you are such a great big sister to your two little sis's. Sydney loves playing with you and singing songs and learning things from you and little Stella loves just even looking at you.

You make me smile at least ten times a day with your great sense of humor and your precious smile. Your awesome questions sometimes make me think harder for answers but I would not trade you for anything in this world. You make mommy a better person!

I love you and hope that this next year will be great for you. You are starting to learn more in your Pre-K class at Mother's Day Out in preparation for kindergarten next year. And I know that people with grown children always talk about how these days will fly by and I am just now starting to see what they mean. I hope I don't embarass you next fall when I am dropping you off at school for the first time, because though it has been hard, it has also been very rewarding. I know that I will be thinking of the first moment that I looked into your eyes and knew that you were the ultimate gift of love sent from God just for me and Daddy.

I love you my big four year old girl and I cannot wait to spend the years to come with you!

Love you with all my heart,

Sophie Kay

Until next time ~

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