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Entry 39 ~ October 6, 2013
~ Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

This past week should have been the week that my gorgeous sweet little 4 year old Sophie won an Oscar for her performance. She told her first lie to get out of school!

Found out that since my two year old stayed out of school with an earache and doctor's appointment, my four year old began her performance. Told her teachers that she needed to go home and proceeded to lay around, act lethargic, fake cough and the like. I had just gotten home with the other two, two hours after dropping Sophie off and her teacher started texting me. She said that Sophie just wasn't herself and that she was laying around, not very energetic. No fever, but just not acting right.

So I went to get her. I had just pulled into the driveway and turned right back around to go get her. I was worried. Really worried, since I had just gotten out of the doctor's office and picked up Sydney's antibiotics for an ear infection. So you can imagine my chagrin, when I pulled up to pick her up and she came skipping out the door, eating a graham cracker!! What? Wait a minute!

I went straight to her and said, "Are you feeling bad?" To which she said, "Nope!"

I grabbed her and put her in the car. On the way home, I asked her if she was feeling bad again. "Nope!" was the answer again. I watched her all day and night and nothing. Nothing wrong with that girl at all.

I went to a party at her classmate's mother's house, my good friend. Joanie told me that her daughter had said that Sophie went home. Joanie asked if she was sick and Jenna replied, "No, she just wanted to go home, so she coughed and said I need to go home." And that was it? That sold them?

When I got home that night, I asked her if she had just wanted to be home because Sydney hadn't gone to school. Yes was her answer so I then told her that what she had done was lie. And that lying was not a good thing. The following school day, I let her teacher know that there was nothing wrong with her and I made her apologize for making everyone worry.

My sister told me that her son is honest all the time and that when her daughter turned 3 or 4, the lies started. Is it just girls? I have three of them now!! Oh Lordy, this is about to get interesting, guys!

Until next time,

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